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Makeup Monday: My 10-Minute Morning Makeup Routine



I recently bought some new makeup products and I can say that they finally, complete my long-awaited makeup routine. My makeup routine used to change a lot because my preparation time always depends on my work schedule and before, it was really inconsistent. Now that I have a pretty normal work schedule I was able to develop my daily morning makeup routine. 

I usually only give myself 25 minutes to prepare for work:

6:15AM         wake up & get up (so hard! huhu)

6:16-6:22      go to the bathroom (to pee and to brush my teeth and retainers)

6:22-6:25     dress up (into my same old black outfit for work)

6:25-6:35     MAKEUP TIME

6:35-6:40    wear my winter coat and jackets and my winter boots (such a hassle)

6:40            walk to the bus stop

7AM            arrive at work

Don't worry, I shower at night! I'm that kinda girl now. Anyway, as you can see, I don't even make time for breakfast, but there's always time to do my face! Can't go to work looking like a zombie. The video I'll be showing you is how I do my everyday makeup and seriously, it only takes me 10 minutes to finish off my face. If I'm running a little late, I might skip the brows and the eyeliner but yeah, this is pretty much the face I put on for work. I love how I kind of found the perfect combination of makeup products for my face because my makeup actually stays on my face for more than 8 hours, considering that I work as a barista and it can get pretty hot at work! I love how it gives me an almost flawless finish and it just proves that I don't need expensive high-end products to have a well made up face. 

All of the products that I used in the video can be found at your leading drugstores and of course, I'll link them all down below for you if you want to learn more about them. If you know of better products for me to try on, please feel free to comment down below. I love trying new stuff and I'm still on a hunt for a really good under eye concealer. I have such dark circles around my eyes and I feel like my FIT ME concealer makes them look grey sometimes and that's very unattractive, so yeah, please help a girl out! Anyway, here goes! 


DISCLAIMER: I AM NOT A MAKEUP EXPERT so don't judge me on my makeup techniques and don't expect too much. The way I do my makeup works for my face and that's the whole point of this post. It's MY makeup routine.


Special shoutout to my husband for setting up my lighting and the camera for this shoot. He used our lamps and covered them with a white shower curtain to soften up the light on my face! So amazing. He also filmed this whole video so Jorge, thanks so much for helping your blogger wifey! You're the best!

CAMERA: Canon 7D / Sigma 18-35mm f1.8 lens / EDITING SOFTWARE: Premiere Pro CC MUSIC: Lights and Motion