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2014 Highlight

I don't know about you but I can honestly say that the year 2014 was MY YEAR! It's kinda sad to say that the year is finally coming to an end but hey, 2015 is sneaking up on us and I know it's gonna be a better year for everyone!

This past year was full of drastic changes, fun adventures and some crazy love! My sisters and I were able to move into our new home, I was able to travel and visit Toronto, I got engaged on my birthday, I got married to the most amazing man at one of the prettiest places in the Yukon and so much more! I'll take you back to the most memorable moments of my 2014 and all these, I am grateful to our Lord God!

- M A R C H -

On March 3rd, Jorge and I's first year anniversary, I posted this photo on Instagram. I thanked Instagram because if not for them, I would not have met Jorge who is now my ever so loving husband. <3 If you analyze the photo, it's actually Instagram's logo, and because of this photo, I was included in their suggested users list for two weeks, and that's why I have more than 20 thousand followers. Thanks very much Instagram! :)

On March 29th, we all celebrated my youngest sister's 18th birthday! (Her real birthday is on March 24th. We just had to celebrate it on the 29th)

Time flew so fast! I can't believe she's 18 already! I still actually call her "baby girl" though, but I can't erase the fact that she's really all grown up now! <3 The preparation we did for her birthday party was very crazy but we pulled it off! It was a success and of course, we made our baby princess cry that night. Hehe.

- M A Y -

On May 5th, my sisters and I moved into our own apartment. It's one of my most favorite moments of 2014. The entire moving process was indeed very tiring but was all worth it. [ See links: 1, 2 ]

I bought myself a Sigma lens as an advance birthday gift to myself. I've always wanted to buy a new lens for my 7D and what's another perfect gift to give to myself other than going to Toronto? A new lens. YUP! I bought it for my birthday trip to Toronto.

On May 21st - May 26th, I experienced my most memorable birthday/vacation of all time! I flew to Toronto by myself, met up with Jorge and his family there, ate Colombian food, rode some crazy rides at Canada's Wonderland, got stared at by strangers while Gerardo was creating a caricature of Jorge and I, went to see Niagara falls from above, went to see Niagara falls from INSIDE it, GOT ENGAGED at the park by Niagara falls, had an intimate engagement dinner overlooking Niagara falls, strolled around downtown Toronto, rode a ferry to Centre Island, watched Toronto's skyline get lit before our eyes, and just had a really great time around Jorge and his family! Read the detailed stories of my Toronto trip and engagement by clicking here and here!

- J U L Y -

Jorge decided that he was going to move to Canada to be with me for good! Having Jorge here with me in Canada made life so much sweeter!

On July 24th, Jorge and I got married. It is the best day of my life thus far! [ See links: 1, 2, 3 ]

- A U G U S T -

On August 23rd, Jorge and I did our first commissioned work together. We shot Elizabeth and Rex's wedding both photos and video, and considering this was our first wedding gig, I think we did good. [ See link ]

- B E R   M O N T H S -

I really enjoy spending quality time with my husband. We made sure that we go out to see new places if we have the time; soccer game nights, Sanchez dates, impromptu drives around Whitehorse, mini photoshoots and spontaneous adventures. All of our exploration photos can be found on Instagram through the hashtag #AlwaysMiAmor or explore through my ARCHIVE.

- D E C E M B E R -

Not only did we celebrate Jorge and Sarah's birthday in December, Jorge and I did our first commercial work together. Jorge and I did a product shoot for the company I work at, The Claim Cafe & Food Co. 

We're pretty amazed by the outcome of the photos since we improvised a lot of things for that photoshoot. We used lamps and a shower curtain for the lighting, a white cake box as our reflector and some white shelf dividers.

This year's Christmas celebration was one of the best Christmases I've had in years. The past Christmases were okay, but this year was so much better because I got to spend it with the most important people in my life. Also, Jorge and I gave the best gifts to everyone this year! HAHA. Not that I'm bragging but seriously, we were real life Santas that night. It was really nice to have shown our love for my family through the gifts we've given them. <3

On December 25th, Jorge and I moved into our temporary new home. We are currently house-sitting for my co-workers while they're on vacation in the Philippines and so far, it has been really great. It's like we're playing house and I'm loving every bit of it. It's making me really excited for our own place in the future! Here, we've been eating home-cooked meals, mostly by me, sometimes by Jorge. At our Riverdale home, it was always A&W and pizza! Thanks Tita Lei and Bernadette for this cool experience. I get to be a real "wifey" wifey to Jorge. :)

2014 has been a really awesome ride, a year I will never forget!

I'm so grateful for all the blessings, the love and the joy that made this year great. If not for God, 2014 would have been a really crappy year but it wasn't. It turned out to be really amazing so thank You! 

2015, I'm so ready for you!