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20 Facts About Me

I was tagged by @nicolexxi to post 20 facts about me. Let’s do this!

1. I started the #corinththeexplorer hashtag on Instagram for photos of me that I took myself. This photo is one of those self-taken portrait.
2. I don’t like watermelon.
3. I LOVE the color pink so much.
4. I’m 2 and a half years older than Jorge.
5. My shoe size is 7.
6. I own 4 pairs of Converse.
7. Only Shea Butter scent for my skin.
8. I’m 5’3”.
9. My ring size is 5.
10. The only drink I get from Starbucks is their white mocha.
11. I don’t like washing dishes.
12. I own one soccer jersey, thanks to @priscilasell.
13. I have 4 ear piercings.
14. No tattoos. “Yey.” - Jorge /
15. Chocolates with nuts forevs.
16. I have written more than 20 songs.
17. I can play the guitar but not as good as I used to.
18. My full name is Corinth Benaiah Bernice Gonzalo Suarez.
19. I don’t really like flowers because their smell remind me of funerals.
20. I married the most amazing man. I love you @jorge.suarez.

I tag you!