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Anonymous said:

Hello Corinth. I can feel the happiness in your wedding. When it’s my turn to get married, I will make your wedding as my inspiration. God bless your marriage life!

Thank you so much! That wedding was just the little one because we didn’t really have a ceremony or anything. HAHA. We just had the judge to make the wedding official. But we’re gonna have the “big” wedding next year and for sure, I’ll be blogging all about it too. I hope that your future wedding will be amazing as well! God bless you!

crumpled—thoughtss said:

Hi C! One month of marrying your bestest friend, how does it feel like? What does it feel like every day na you’re with him?

Haller! It’s seriously the best feeling in the world! I don’t have to say goodbye anymore. Well, I still kind of have to every time I leave for work (boohoo), but it’s really nice to have Jorge pick me up from work everyday, it’s nice to sleep beside him every night, it’s nice to be around him almost the whole day and it’s just really nice to LOVE HIM in person! No more LDR problems.

We’ve learned so many things about each other in the past months that we’ve been together and of course, after the marriage and we’re nothing but HAPPY! <3

Anonymous said:

I’ve always wondered.. How do you pronounce your husband’s name? Is it pronounced as, like, George?! Or is it pronounced the way mexican/spanish people would pronounce it (like, Hor-he)? :)

When he was still in Colombia, it was pronounced as Hor-hey. But since he’s “American” now, he prefers to be called “George”.

Anonymous said:

Can you give me an advice, I’m really jealous of my boyfriends friends which results in him not having those friends anymore. I fear of being alone, I lost all my friends and he’s all I have. I don’t want to lose him to them, they knew him before me.

Anonymous said:

so um, you guys ate only cookies and dessert on your wedding?

No. We had a lot of food actually. It’s just that the food table wasn’t photogenic enough to take pictures of. Don’t worry, you’ll see real food pictures on next year’s wedding. ;)

Anonymous said:

Hello there! I first noticed you in Instagram then after few photos and getting kilig about your lovelife and relationship with the Lord I decided to check your blog. I’m so amazed with how God is working in your life especially in the love department i.e. and you instantly became an inspiration to me to have a wonderful relationship with the Lord, and I really want that too, a close relationship with the Lord. Anyways, were you born a Christian or just converted? Thanks. I’m Rhodora June btw.

Thanks so much! I was raised in a christian family. I grew up going to sunday school and I’m very grateful because God touched my parents life before me and my sisters. 

Anonymous said:

where do you edit your photos? The one you take with your camera?

I edit my photos in Lightroom 5 with VSCO Film. I don’t know what I’d do without my VSCO. <3

veracelestinamartinez said:

Hello ate I just wanna ask what camera you are using? Ive always been interested in photography but havent got a camera to start it with. Ive been planning to get one but im looking for a cam that is easy to being everywhere :/ help me please

Honestly, I don’t know much about cameras. HAHA. Jorge gave me my 7D as a Christmas present last year and I’m still learning how to use it. You can always google cameras that would fit your need and your budget. My 7D’s pretty good, but it’s heavy and bulky. The camera I bring with me everywhere is my iPhone 5s! It’s good enough. I hope this helped. :|

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