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Anonymous said:

What's your skin regime? It looks flawless.

Thank you! I'll be honest, I'm not really the right person to be asked this question because I don't even have the proper products to use (examples: cleanser, toner, moisturizer, eye creams, masks and whatnot). I just make sure to get my makeup off, wash my face and moisturize every night. That's it. I just use the regular makeup remover by Clean and Clear, wash my face with my Estee Lauder facial wash that was given to me on my birthday and then I moisturize using my Glysomed cream. Also, use a nice filter when editing pictures haha. It helps with making your skin seem flawless.


Anonymous asked:

If you were asked to choose one, which would you say is the better part of your life? That part when you were still in the PH, or the one you have right now?

Financially, I'd say my life here is better, but there's no place like home. I've been living in Canada for almost three years now and yet, I still can't say Whitehorse is my new home. I grew up in the Philippines and my heart will always stay in the Philippines. 

Anonymous said:

Hi Corinth. I was actually inspired to try the Grid at VSCO because of you. But, I noticed that every time I upload a photo on Grid, it pixelates once posted. Would you happen to have experienced the same thing the first time you tried it out?

Hi there. I'm glad to hear that you were inspired by me to start creating your own VSCO Grid, although, I'm sad to hear that you're having troubles with your posted pictures. I've never experienced any pixelated pictures on my grid. You can always contact VSCO so they can look into this problem you have. They're very friendly and accomodating, I'm sure they'll be able to fix glitch for you.


Anonymous said:

Hi ate :D I just want to ask if okay lang sayo. Uhmm, did you use credit card to purchase VSCO Film? Do you know another way on how to purchase it? I don't have a credit card po eh :D Thanks :D

Yes. I used my card to purchase all my VSCO Film packs. If you have a debit card that supports visa or mastercard transactions, you can go ahead and buy the packs too. They don't accept Paypal transactions (yet?). 


Anonymous said:

Hi ate! Does your husband have Filipino blood? :) Anyway, I really adore you ate. You look nice and you are very beautiful! :)

Hello there. Thanks for your kind words. I really appreciate them. :) My husband is Colombian, and I know, he's so gwapo! <3


Anonymous said:

Hi there Corinth! I've been really feeling envious about how you take your photos before with just your tripod! Can you please teach me/us how?? Really wanted to learn!! Thank you! More love for you and Jorge!

Hello there! Thank you! I actually posted a tutorial about this. Click HERE to see the post. The post was inspired by your question to be honest, so thank you! 


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