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2015 Highlight

2015 Highlight

Two thousand sixteen...

Can I just say this again without sounding like an old person? TIME FLIES! It's crazy how it's already 2016! Where did 2015 go?

A few days ago, I went back to my year-ender post of 2014 and also re-read my 2015 goals. It's kinda funny how things are so different NOW and I'm a little disappointed because I wasn't able to accomplish all of my 2015 goals. 2015 was really BUSY, EXPENSIVE and QUICK! There's no other way to put it. Here's the rundown of my past year. 


2015 has been my year of TRAVEL. Jorge and I tried our best to drive all around the Yukon Territory. We haven't been to every part of the province because we didn't have the appropriate vehicle to be able to climb mountains and drive through rocky roads, but we're still happy and thankful that we're able to see places that not many people are able to visit. 

most shots were taken by Jorge

2015 is also the year I visited Vancouver, B.C. and Montreal, Q.C. I had an amazing time in both places! Sometimes errands can be a treat. Because Whitehorse is such a small city, I had to fly to Vancouver in April to get my Philippine passport renewed and then later on in the year, I flew to Montreal for my US Visa medical examination and interview.

And yes, I left Whitehorse to move to the USA so I can be with Jorge once and for all. Since my arrival, I've already seen some places that are close to Maryland, and just this past month, we visited New York City! It's almost two months since I came to the US and I love it here! *blog posts of D.C. and N.Y.C. will be coming soon! 😁*


In January, Jorge and I house-sat for my co-workers while they were in the Philippines and I loved it so much because Jorge and I were able to experience how it is to live in a house by ourselves. We made our own meals, we kept it clean and homey, we invited my family over for dinner one time, and we were just able to spend quality time together, just the two of us. One of my favorite moments was when Jorge made me a very special meal. It was really nice to get home from a very tiring day at work and see that your husband has prepared a warm and very delicious plate for you. 

In May, the youngest gal in the family finally graduated from high school! I'm so happy and proud of what she has become. She's such a strong and independent young woman who is making her mark in the world. And she is now the CORINTH at my former job. 😂 I think she's even better than me at making latte art now.

Micah's HS Graduation

June 7th of 2015, Blake Hunter Sunico was born and he is the cutest little boy in the whole world (just because my son isn't born yet 😛). His first tooth is starting to come out now and my gosh, he's growing up so fast! I'm so happy that my sister decided to document their everyday life through vlogging; that way, I'm able to "be" with them. LDR probz.



Jorge and I celebrated our one year anniversary as a married couple on July 24th 2015! We celebrated by driving out to the Yukon/B.C. border and boy was it ever so lovely! 


2015 was the year where I really became serious with my blog. I tried my best to post constantly and actually write quality content and I noticed that my blog started to grow. Gone are my "TUMBLR BLOGGING" days. Ever since I moved to Squarespace, I felt more legit. I've also made new blogging friends and I'm really excited to see what God has in store for me and Explore with Corinth in 2016.

I've also experienced a bunch of collaborations with brands on my Instagram! I also did my first two sponsored posts! That made me so happy and excited because it's not everyday you get paid to post on Instagram! Here are some of the collaborations I did this year:


I think this category deserves to be included in 2015's highlight because I'm pretty proud of myself for the skill I have developed when it comes to doing my own makeup. I can say that have improved a lot and I think that I'm actually doing it right. 😂 I am not proud of my so-called makeup addiction, but I am really happy with my ever-growing makeup collection. I am glad to be a part of the beauty world, but sometimes it can be such a chore as well because there are days when I just don't want to be bothered with makeup. 😂

2015 has been the year where I tried to put out my own makeup videos on YouTube. I learned a lot in recording and editing videos and I put that knowledge into use, of course with the help of my husband who is kind of an expert in these kind of things. I also tried my hand on creating daily and travel vlogs and I think I have the eye and talent to keep doing it, don't you think? 

 ~ ~ ~

Twenty-fifteen was indeed a rollercoaster ride for me. I traveled and explored new places on my own, I was able to pass my US Immigrant Visa interview in a French-speaking city, I left my home for 3 years to be with my husband for good, I experienced two Thanksgivings in one year and celebrated my first US Christmas and New Year's Eve. It was challenging, sometimes scary, and exhausting even, but everything has led me to where I am now and I can really say that I AM HAPPY.

To all of you who stuck with me, to all of you who are new here, to all of you who left comments and kind words on my blog, to all of you who are silent readers, to all of you who have become my friends,

I thank you from the bottom of my heart. I hope that you will still continue to support this blog this 2016.


Happy New Year everyone! May God bless our 2016!