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25 Things I Would Have Told My Younger Self

Now that you've read a little bit more about who I am, you can tell that I have experienced a lot of hardships in life. Not only about the poverty thing, but me and my sisters have encountered so many deaths in the family that up to this day, I strongly dislike the smell of flowers. I've experienced so many good things in life too though, and I am extremely grateful to God for all the blessings he has showered upon me and my sisters. *INSERT ALL THE CLICHÉ QUOTES ABOUT LIFE HERE* 

Life is tough, but hey, I'm still here! 25 years, and counting! To continue on with my "25" mini blog series, I thought I'd just share with you some life lessons I've picked up through the years that I wish I could have told myself when I was younger. 

  1. God is the only one who can fix you and make you whole again.
  2. Be patient. Do not fall in love so easily and quickly. Your mother told you to wait, so wait. The person you are going to marry is out there. God is preparing the right time for you two to meet. Trust me. He's amazing!
  3. Be bold! Do not be afraid to speak your mind. There's nothing to be shy about. Being timid will get you nowhere. 
  4. It's okay to go out for drinks with your friends once in a while, say, on special occasions. BUT DO NOT MAKE EVERY NIGHT A SPECIAL OCCASION! I don't want you to learn the hard way. (But that's how I learned)
  5. Your mom is going to pass away in the year 2010. Do not cause her any burden. Show her and tell her that you love her as many times as you can. Answer all her phone calls and Facebook messages. DO NOT IGNORE HER, THAT WOULD BREAK HER HEART. Being away from you four girls is already hard enough for her, don't make it any harder.
  6. Your sisters need you, no matter how independent you think they are. I know that you stood as their parents at an early age and that made you abandon your post for your personal happiness, but do not forget that your sisters need you! Be a responsible ate.
  7. You love music. You enjoy playing the guitar and writing your own songs. Please do not stop. 
  8. You will meet so many good people in your life, people who are friends of your parents, people who are not related to you by blood, and they will help you and your sisters financially. Never forget who they are and how they have helped you survive. 
  9. Just because you are related by blood doesn't mean they're your family. You will definitely NOT get along with some of your family (they will even hate you and block you from their Facebook accounts and tell crooked stories about you and your husband) and you will discover who these people are later on in life and let me tell you this: let them go! These people will only stop you from flourishing. Do not let them weigh you down. You deserve to be surrounded with people who love you UNCONDITIONALLY and push you to become a better person. They are toxic to your life and do not let them poison you any further!
  10. And to those you consider your family, show them your love and appreciation. They were there through your hardest times, they were there through your little celebrations. A family without love and respect is not a family at all. Show them that you love and respect them. 
  11. Learn how to keep your money safe! SAVE SAVE SAVE! There will come a time when you'll need lots of it! But money isn't everything! Don't live for it!
  12. Travel, and travel lots. Refer to number 11 girl! It's good for the soul.
  13. Please start to eat healthy before you reach 20. At 25, you will grow a huge belly and you'll have a hard time exercising and doing that Insanity thing. Please do yourself a favor and start to eat healthy early!
  14. I think the best way to start a good diet is to know when to say NO. Corinth, say NO to excessive eating of chocolates and chips, and drinking Coke and having too much cake. These are terribly BAD STUFF for your body. Do not let their appearance get you!
  15. You will encounter so many people in your 20's, THANKS TO THE INTERNET, but only a few are worthy to be called friends. Just because you met them in person doesn't mean you have to follow them on Twitter and you have to be friends with them on Facebook. In 2014 and 2015, so much nonsense will start popping up on your feed and you will end up un-friending these people anyway. You've been warned!
  16. You are beautiful. You should learn to embrace your flaws so you can focus on your best features. If you know you are beautiful, then everyone else will know it too. 
  17. Life is too short to worry about what other people think about you. As long as you know you are doing good, what they say doesn't matter! But also, be open to criticism. You will make tons of mistakes in your life, and these criticisms/advices will help you become a better person!
  18. You are stronger than you know! You have a very sensitive heart, but that doesn't mean it's weak! You are a fighter and God will really put you into situations that seem like there's no way out of. Guess what, on your 25th year on Earth, you will be typing a blog post telling your younger self that you will get out of it alive, because you are a strong woman!
  19. Learn how to LOVE cooking! Your husband will love and thank you for that.
  20. Do not be afraid to step out of your comfort zone. Life can be a bit scary at times, but you'll be okay! You will even be surprised at the things you will learn along the way.
  21. I admire your ability in sharing your heart to the public, and your stories will even become inspirational to others, so here's my advice to you: keep being honest about everything! You are a blessing and you have the power to touch lives but please do not abuse this power. Stay true to who you are.
  22. Learn how to pause. You are too quick to answer sometimes and you will end up saying hurtful things. Pause and think before you speak!
  23. Sleep is good! Do not let the internet steal your good night's sleep. The internet will still be there in the morning! Go to sleep and have a decent amount of rest!
  24. Time is the best gift you can ever give someone or anything. If you love a person/it, you gotta make time for them/it!
  25. Surround yourself with positivity. Fill your life with all things GOOD! Always strive for happiness! Live your life the way God intended for you to have! You are loved by Him and he wants you to flourish, so flourish!

This post was inspired by Camie and Helga's birthday posts. Are these some things you wish you'd have told your younger self too? Let me know what numbers relate to you!