25 Things You Might Not Know About Me

I just recently turned 25 and I decided to do a little "25" series on my blog to acknowledge my age. HAHA. I think 25 is such a beautiful age, not too young but not too old either. It's the perfect time to be ALIVE! 

For my first "25" post, I want to share with you some things you may or may not know about me.

Photo taken by:  Jorge

Photo taken by: Jorge

  1. I was loveagirlwhoreads on Tumblr.
  2. I've been wearing retainers every night, for more than a year now. My two front teeth still separate during the day though. Huhu. I don't want to wear braces again because 1, they're freaking expensive here, and 2, they make me not want to eat and I LOVE FOOD!
  3. My dad was the Manouevres member who died in 1999 and that's how I know all the original members of that dance group and that's why my sisters and I have a nice relationship with the Valencianos. We actually call them Tito Gary and Tita Angeli. <3
  4. I have a scar on my forehead from bumping my head into a corner of the cement that holds our gate. THERE WAS SO MUCH BLOOD! 
  5. My home is Marikina. <3
  6. My church is VCF. I wish we had a branch here. 
  7. I'm a sweet tooth in case you didn't know already. Anything chocolatey, cheesecakey, ice creamy, I LOVE! I don't like candy though. 
  8. I'm still trying to learn to love to eat fruits. The only fruits I can say that I really like are bananas and grapes. 
  9. I HATE COOKING! I know how to cook though. I can even bake if I wanted to, but the thought of hanging out in the kitchen, smelling like onions and garlic and not to mention, the heat, don't excite me. 
  10. I have more guy friends than girl friends. 
  11. When I ask people of their first impression of me, the answer I usually get is that I look MASUNGIT. But to be honest, it's probably because I didn't really smile because my teeth were so ugly. It all changed after braces though. But still, my teeth aren't perfect. </3
  12. My biggest insecurities are my teeth and my arms. 
  13. I cannot do small talk and I find it really hard to start new friendships. 
  14. In elementary and high school, I really enjoyed writing essays and joining essay writing contests. I would even win sometimes. Maybe it's one of the reasons why I've had a blog for years. I find it easier to express my heart through written words. I'm not a vocal person.
  15. Public speaking scares me, even if it was just a little debate among friends. I shake when I start to speak up my mind. HAHA. 
  16. I don't know when my interest in photography started but I know that it's something I'll always have a passion for. 
  17. I know I said that public speaking scares me, but I don't mind singing in public. It's weird but I feel confident when I sing. I don't have the most angelic or powerful voice but I know I have the talent and I am not afraid to share it to the world. 
  18. I joined Starstruck, the first ever Starstruck. If only I wasn't such a tuod and a shy girl, I could have been friends with Jennylyn Mercado and Yasmin Curdi. HAHA. 
  19. I have written enough songs to create two full albums. 
  20. I was born into a middle-class family and after my father's passing, things were so difficult for me and my sisters. We experienced how to be really POOR; no food, no electricity, no water, utang sa kanto, utang dito, and maybe that's why rich people intimidate me. Parang San Chai and Dao Ming Si kind of thing. 
  21. I've always wanted to be famous like a celebrity for the free clothes and flawless skin. 
  22. I'm a night person. I find that my brain works better at night. But if I have to, I can wake up really early and still function properly as a human. I rarely get those bangag mornings. 
  23. Even before I said yes to Jorge to being his girlfriend, I knew that Jorge was the one, and knew that one day, he would propose to me. I thought I'd be prepared for it and that I wouldn't cry when that day came, but boy was I so wrong. My eyes were swimming in tears when he asked me to marry him. I was the happiest girl at that moment. It was the best birthday ever!
  24. I like being on the road. I like long drives. 
  25. My dream job when I was a kid was to become a cartoon dubber at ABS-CBN. I can really act through my voice. I swear! I can imitate Heidi's voice. 

Do we have some things in common? Let me know! Happy hump day everyone!