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29 Week Bumpdate

I officially said "hello" to my third trimester last week! WOOTWOOT!

It feels like it was only yesterday when I saw those two lines that screamed "you're pregnant", and now, we're more or less three months away to meeting our little angel. I cannot believe how time has quickly flown by, but I am extremely excited to hold Baby Suarez. We still don't have a name for her. 😂

Overall, I feel good. But whenever I get asked how I'm doing, I always answer with "I pee A LOT, and back pain." I haven't felt anything weird or alarming though so that's good. I'm not trying to see the ER again!

On more fun news, we started receiving baby gifts that were listed in our baby registry! I so appreciate everyone that has thought about us, and given us a few of our baby essentials. Having all the tangible baby things is making me even more excited about her arrival. 👶🏻

29 Week Bumpdate
29 Week Bumpdate

HOW FAR ALONG: 29 Weeks (6.6 Months)

HOW BIG IS BABY: OurLittleSuarez is as big as an acorn squash (15.2 inches, 2.54 lbs.) 

MATERNITY CLOTHES: Jorge and I recently went to our local Salvation Army store, and I got myself 4 tops. If you follow me on InstaStory, you might have seen them. They're all just loose tops, and what I'm wearing in the photos above is one of them. All the tops that I got were all just $3! The secret is to go on Wednesdays because everything is 50% off!

SLEEP: I wake up two to three times a night to pee, and in the middle of all that, I try to consciously sleep on my side, which has made my back so sore and painful. It sucks because I always find myself sleeping on my back (which is a no no when you're pregnant), so it's like I'm half-awake most of the night to make sure I'm switching sides when one position starts to feel painful.

MISS ANYTHING: I miss eating Mezeh! Jorge and I used to always eat there, but because of my nausea during my 1st trimester, we stopped going. We haven't tried to go back because I don't like the aftertaste of Mezeh in my mouth. It's a little too onion-y for my pregnant nose. Haha.

MOVEMENT: Baby girl is growing, so she's getting a little cramped up inside me, meaning, I feel her movements more and more! It's such an amazing feeling, and I cannot get enough of it. I miss her when she doesn't move.

CRAVINGS: No particular cravings. I do enjoy the Starbucks brownies though. SOOO GOOD!

HOW I'M FEELING: Like I said earlier, I feel excited. But also, I am even more prayerful for baby girl's health. I am looking forward to our next doctor's appointment so we know what to prepare for. So please keep us in your prayers as well. I believe that God has her in His hand, and I trust in His plans. And pray for me as well, for strength and peace of mind.

PS: Got this post format from Courtney Shields.