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5-Minute Fresh and Dewy Makeup Routine

5-Minute Fresh and Dewy Makeup Look

Nowadays, in my makeup routine, less is definitely more!

To my fellow mommies, you know exactly what I mean. We simply have got no time to do a full face of cake-face! Amen? I’m not gonna lie and I’m a little ashamed to admit this, but I had a really challenging time cutting down the makeup products that I use on my face! I was so used to a full blown makeup look that I forgot to work with what I got: my natural beauty!

Well, for the past month, I’ve been doing the least in my makeup routine and I am amazed at how beautiful my skin looks! I look alive, bright, and beautiful and it almost looks like I have no makeup on!!! The best part, I don’t need 45 mins to an hour to do my face anymore! If you want to know how I do my 5-minute fresh and dewy makeup routine, keep reading!

5-Minute Fresh and Dewy Makeup Look
5-Minute Fresh and Dewy Makeup Look
  1. After I let my moisturizer/sunscreen sit on my skin for a bit, I go ahead and apply my favorite face primer! I have tried this makeup routine with different primers but nothing beats the look of my skin whenever I use this Laura Mercier Foundation Primer! Not only does it add hydration to my skin, I honestly feel like it’s the product that makes my skin look like skin even after the little makeup I will be applying after.

  2. I then color-correct my dark circles! I never ever skip this step because my dark circles really need this stuff! My all time favorite color corrector, the Bobbi Brown Corrective Concealer in Peach, truly cancels out the dark blues and purples under my eyes making the whole area brighter and prepped for concealer!

  3. For my blemishes, I use my trusty ColourPop No Filter Concealer in the shade Medium 30 (which I believe is Medium 28 now). This shade matches my skin tone perfectly that this pretty much evens out my face! I just dab a little bit of this on my blemishes and redness and I blend away with a brush. I also apply more underneath my eyes to brighten up that area even more.

  4. Nowadays, I don’t set my face! Crazy huh? I stopped doing it and it honestly has made a huge difference in the way my makeup wears throughout the day! The cakeyness is usually caused by powders, so the moment I stopped setting my face, my skin just looks healthy, dewy, and glowyl! I still do set my under eyes with this though because I find that if I don’t set my concealer, my mascara will transfer.

  5. I then squeeze out a pea-sized amount of Glossier Cloud Paint in Dusk on the back of my hand and apply it on my cheeks using my Real Techniques brush. I make sure I work the product into the bristles of the brush before stamping it on my cheeks. I love how this gives me a beautiful rosy flush!

  6. I still contour my nose because I like to make my nose look taller, so I just grab my ColourPop palette (it’s out of stock huhu) and apply some shadow on the sides of my nose. Then using the same palette, I use the highlighter side to apply more glow to my cheekbones, tip of my nose, and chin! This highlight is soooo beautiful! It doesn’t have chunky glitters; it just looks so glossy and wet on the skin!

  7. We are almost done!!! I forgot to take a photo of it, but I just do my brows real quick! If I’m in a real hurry, I just use Glossier Boy Brow in black to shade in my brows quick, but if I have some time to spare, and I want a more defined brow, I go in with my Karity 3-1 brow pencil!

  8. Now that I have some lash extensions on my eyes, I can skip mascara!!! But if you don’t have lashes, now’s the time to apply generous coats of mascara to your lashes to make your eyes pop! My favorite drugstore mascara is this one from Maybelline.

  9. Finally, I just apply my go-to tinted lip balm from IT Cosmetics. If I want to look a little “fancier”, I apply my favorite matte lippie from ColourPop, Zuma. It’s in their Ultra Blotted Lip formula so it’s not super opaque (for a more subtle everyday look), but it sets completely into a matte finish which I love because that means I get to kiss Adeline on the cheeks because there will be no transfers!

And that’s it! That’s how I achieve my fresh and dewy makeup look! Here are some selfies with no filter!

5-Minute Fresh and Dewy Makeup Look

Now tell me in the comment box below,
what DO you prefer: dewy or matte?


5-Minute Fresh and Dewy Makeup Look