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5 Must-Have Baby Onesies

As a first time mom, Obviously I got super excited with cute baby clothes! I’m sure I’m not the only one!

I wanted everything — all the cute clothes that I could buy for my daughter! But now that my daughter is 7 months old, I’ve come to realize that onesies/bodysuits are my go-to clothes for Adeline. They’re just extremely easy to put on a baby, and they’re also very comfortable for them! Have you tried putting on a cute piece of clothing on your baby and they’re NOT stretchy at all?! It was a nightmare for me, so when I learned that cute clothes aren’t all functional, I just kept using onesies for Adeline. I’ve tried a bunch of different kinds, and today, I will be sharing with you my top 5 favorite ones!

5 Must-Have Baby Onesies
  1. Kimonos

    These onesies are one of my faves because they’re so easy to put on and off a baby! You don’t have to slip the clothing through their fragile heads. The ones from Uniqlo are my favorite because the fabric that they use is breathable, perfect for our hot babies.

  2. Zip-ups

    Zip-ups are the best especially at night time! Imagine having to change your wiggly baby half asleep and you are faced with a bunch of snappies that you have to match! NIGHTMARE! Adeline’s snap-on onesies are my least favorite! Okay, I kinda hate them haha. Zip-ups just make it extremely easy to get to their wet diapers at night or even during the day.

  3. Footed Onesies

    If you hate socks that just fall off their cute little feet, go for footed onesies! These onesies are a one and done type of clothing that’s one of my go-tos to this day!

  4. BODYSUITS with Mitten Cuffs

    These onesies are best for newborns! Most mittens just fall off their tiny hands so having the cuffs at the ends of the sleeves help keep their hands/nails off their faces. Adeline was a scratcher when she was a couple months old so wearing these onesies really saved her cute face from scratches.

  5. Fleece-lined Onesies

    If you live in a place that experiences winters, stock up on these onesies! These are incredibly soft and you’ll be assured that your baby will be warm enough even in the colder months.


5 Must-Have Baby Onesies