5 Reasons Why Lily-Jade is the Best Diaper Bag For Travel

For me, the best type of diaper bags are the ones you can use for more than just that purpose. And I'm not just talking about the looks; I'm talking about functionality and quality. And the true test of a bag is whether or not you'd take it traveling with you, am I right?

Well, Lily-Jade has proven its worth to me with my Madeline bag because I’ve had that bag for over a year now and it still looks brand spankin’ new! Plus, I took it to Miami with me for our family vacation and it was an absolute pleasure to travel with! Lily-Jade is an amazing brand that offers one of the best (if not the best) bags and diaper bags in the market, and today I am partnering up with them again to share with you 5 reasons why Lily-Jade is still the best diaper bag for me and why it’s great for traveling! #LilyJadeCo



    Lily-Jade diaper bags/bags are on the larger scale so most of their bags are very roomy! They can hold a lot of things which is great when traveling with a baby! You can literally just stuff things inside and you should be good to go! But despite their big size, Lily-Jade bags are airplane-friendly! They easily fit in the overhead bins and underneath the seat of a plane.

    The LORIE Brandy & Gold bag is a tad bit larger than my Madeline which I absolutely love! My daughter is almost a year old and I’m finding that I’m packing bigger things in her bag now. This little upgrade (in size) has been awesome!

    Because my Madeline diaper bag came with a bag organizer, it’s such a breeze to switch bags when I need to! I literally just take the organizer out of my Madeline and put it inside my Lorie. No need to re-organize baby stuff when switching bags. The Lorie didn’t come with an organizer because it’s part of their Lifestyle collection.


    Lily-Jade bags were created with a mission to withstand the test of time; meaning, these bags are reliable as heck! This is the one thing that I look for in a bag especially when traveling! I want to make sure that the bag I’m bringing with me won’t break during our travels! My Madeline bag has experienced a number of good and bad days, and I am incredibly impressed by how perfect it still looks! I’m excited to take my new Lorie everywhere!

    Lily-Jade uses premium grade leather and they tumble the full grain leather to bring out its texture rather than stamp and sand a pattern which is what most “high end” brands do! (Want to know a secret? My Lily-Jade bag looks and feels more high end than my Kate Spade handbag and my Michael Kors wallet!) Lily-Jade tucks in the leather on their handles, straps, and pocket edges so that we don't have edge paint that will wear and crack over time. Lily-Jade also made sure to make the inside of the bag well-made by using a plush lining, not those thin and rough nylon ones (that tear!) you see in most handbags! If you’re looking for a quality bag that’s functional and doesn’t cost thousands of dollars? Look no further!


    Bags are bags right? Bags holds things and stuff. Period. But isn’t it an awesome feat when bags are very easy to carry too? You want something that is easy and convenient to carry around especially when you’re traveling with a baby! Guess what? Lily-Jade wins in that department too! Because Lily-Jade can be worn 3 different ways, you can choose to wear the bag in the way it’s convenient for you: hand-carry, messenger (or crossbody) style, or backpack! Shuffling around the airport and/or airplane, and/or foreign lang vsn

    It’s important for me to have my hands and arms free when traveling so backpack mode is the way for me! All Lily-Jade bag comes with a strap and you can easily take it off, or transform the bag into a messenger bag or backpack.


    When traveling, the lesser things you pack the better. That’s only common sense right? But sometimes, we still end up overpacking because we try to coordinate our outfits for the trip! If you have a Lily-Jade bag, you can get away with just taking this one bag because it’s so fashionable, nobody will even guess it’s a diaper bag! With my daughter’s stuff inside already, I can also fit several of my personal items which would be my wallet, phone, and a laptop! My new 15” MacBook pro fits perfectly inside my Lorie bag with still a lot of wiggle room. This new bag is honestly a dream!


    As if you needed more reasons to buy Lily-Jade bags, they also offer packing cases which are lifesavers when packing for travels! It’s really easy to lose things in your bag and luggages so having packing cases really helps organize everything so you can easily find things when you need them! See the different ways you can use the packing cases below!

    A set comes in three different sizes and a little strap so you can transform them into wristlets! This is perfect for when you’re at the airport so you can keep your valuables on hand at all times.

Electronics // Passports & Boarding Passes or Paperwork // Clothes & Intimates

Electronics // Passports & Boarding Passes or Paperwork // Clothes & Intimates

Using the bag organizer from my Madeline Diaper Bag

Using the bag organizer from my Madeline Diaper Bag

“with you every season”

So there you have it! Those are my 5 reasons why you should choose Lily-Jade bag for your diaper bag or just a personal bag! The quality really is unmatched and I love that it will last me for a looooong time!

Definitely check out Lily-Jade.com and follow them on Instagram because they do giveaways and have huge sales all the time!

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Disclaimer: I was gifted this bag for this post. But as always, all thoughts and opinion are my own. Photos taken by Jorge Suarez.



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