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7 Gift Ideas for Mother's Day

Gift Ideas for Mother's Day

I love the month of May because not only is it my birth month (May 24 to be exact, *cough cough*), it's also the time when we show extra love and appreciation for our mothers! I remember when I was younger, my sisters and I, along with our cousins would wake up very early to surprise our moms with handmade banners and handwritten letters. I miss those days!

Anyway, Mother's day is just around the corner and I've made a little list of gifts we can give to our mothers, and to our friends who are moms as well.

1. Flowers & Chocolates

© Unsplash

© Unsplash

Women love these two things in general so getting these for mothers is always a good idea! Get her a box of assorted chocolates, or a bunch of her favorite ones! Pick her favorite flowers and maybe get a beautiful vase for it as well! Right now, BOUQS.COM is having a special offer for Mother's Day! Get the Deluxe size bouquet for the price of their Ordinary size! Just use the code: 2XMOM

The last bouquet of flowers my father gave my mother were tulips so tulips will always be special to me. 💐

2. Handwritten Cards



Handwritten letters will never go out of style because it's the most personal thing you can ever give to your mom.

I'm all for supporting small shops and one of my favorites right now is Taylor's. I recently purchased a print from her and I was really impressed by the quality of her print. Her style is very minimal and cute! Be sure to check out GRAYAESTHETIC for her seasonal greeting cards and more! 📝

3. Jewelry



I don't know about you, but every time I receive a piece of jewelry, I always feel so loved and special, as if I were a princess. There's just something extravagant about receiving jewelry so I'm sure your mom would love to receive some bling this Mother's Day!

Jewelry shops that allow customization get two big thumbs up from me! Check out this birthstone necklace by OliveYew Jewels! You can personalize it with your mom's birthstone! I'm sure your mom will feel like a queen!

4. A simple watch

A watch is very timeless, meaning it's never going to go out of style, even in this modern age. Get your mom a simple yet stylish watch like the Daniel Wellington watches. This brand is all over Instagram and has already made a name for itself in such a short span of time. I like their watches because they're very minimal, sleek, they offer interchangeable straps and they go with any outfit! My favorite style will have to be the ones that have Swarovski crystals. 💎  I'm sure your mom will appreciate another arm candy!🍬

5. A Relaxing Day

© tumblr

© tumblr

If you can't take your mom to a spa date with you, you can always bring the spa to her! Find out her favorite scents, get her some candles, bath bombs, some skin care items, a good book and maybe some essential oils. She deserves some "me" time and the best place to do that is in the comforts of her own home! Give her everything she needs for a relaxing night! 🌸  She deserves it!

6. An Everyday Purse

© Madewell

© Madewell

It's important for moms to have an everyday bag that's big enough for a lot of things, yet pretty enough to carry around. Baby bags aren't really that appealing (right?) that's why I like this crossbody bag from Madewell because it's decent in size, and it's so simple yet stylish! I especially like this style because it is a crossbody bag! If you are a mom, you know that you use your hands all the time. It's nice to have a bag that allows you to go "hands-free" especially when dealing with children.

7. Makeup

© itcosmetics

© itcosmetics

Of course I had to include it!
For moms who love makeup, you can get her the IT Cosmetics limited edition Fall In Love with Brushes 3-Pc Set (only available at! I mean come on, look at the packaging!

A liquid lipstick is a perfect gift for moms because it dries matte, and it's super low-maintenance! My favorite formula ever are the Meet Matte Hughes by TheBalm Cosmetics! Hands down the best liquid lipsticks in the market (out of the ones I've tried), in my opinion!

A blush, so your mom will always look as if she were blushing all day everyday! My favorite right now is ColourPop's Supershock Cheek in Flush'd! Their blushes look so natural and are all very long wearing! I am a big fan!

Lastly, if your mom is a little picky with her products, a Sephora gift card will always be appreciated, that way she can shop for items she really likes and products that work for her.💄



That's it for this little gift guide, I hope you guys found this helpful! And hey, if you can't afford to give your mom a present, the little things count like making her favorite meal, giving her a massage, singing her the song you dedicate for her, and so much more! Gifts don't always equal to material things. 💖  Make your mom feel EXTRA loved! That's the whole point of Mother's Day!

PS: This is my first time doing a gift guide. Let me know if this is something you'd like me to keep doing.

What are you giving your mom this year?

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