7 Things You Need In Your Beach Bag

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I know fall or autumn is just around the corner, and most people are already wanting for sweater szn to come, but for someone who is now a Miami local, I am still fully embracing the hot summer weather! Who else is on the same boat as me?

With that said, my family and I still go to the beach a lot and I have pretty much mastered packing the beach bag! Today, I am sharing with you some of the things I always pack in our beach bag, and why you need to get your hands on Breathable Micro-Mesh bikinis from Fruit of the Loom.

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    There’s nothing like feeling fresh, cool, and comfortable during the hot beach season, which in my case is pretty much the entire year, so this is the ONE thing I have in my beach bag, especially when I know I’ll be swimming that day!

    Fruit of the Loom’s Breathable Micro-Mesh Bikinis literally saves my butt (pun intended)! These panties are made with breathable fabric which supports air flow so we feel our best (down there) all day long! They’re super comfortable to wear for any day and any occasion. And with the colder season coming soon, aka layering season, I know that I’ll still feel cool where it needs to be. ;) #BreatheIntoFall

    My favorite will have to be their Breathable Seamless ones because they’re so stretchy and soft, it almost feels like I’m not wearing any underwear! It’s the one I wear out with because they’re super invisible under clothes! Most of their panties are tag free as well so there’s no itching or scratching anywhere whatsoever!


    And for the discount that I promised,
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    Can’t have a great time at the beach if you don’t have a beach towel with you! Sand is fun, until it gets all over you and your stuff! And now that I have a baby, sand is just extra annoying. Haha. Save yourself and pack at least 3 beach towels! Two for laying in on, and one for drying. Also, the bigger the better!


    I cannot stress this enough, but you need to apply your SUNSCREEN EVERY DAY! Not just on beach days. Our skin is the biggest organ of our body, and the sun can easily harm it if we don’t take precautions! Protect your skin by applying sunscreen every 2 hours (at least). I always have this in our beach bag just in case I forget to pack it, which has happened a few times. Huhu.

  4. PLASTIC BAG (for wet clothes)

    If I know we’ll be going in the water that day, I always pack a plastic bag for our wet clothes. Do you do this too?


    I always bring snacks to the beach. It keeps my daughter occupied and happy, and it saves me from being HANGRY because we like to stay by the beach for at least a couple hours.


    This one’s mostly for my daughter. If you have kids, you know how KEY this is! We keep my daughter’s sand set in our car so we don’t forget it. She can play for hours and not get bored with it! Also you gotta have floaties!!! We recently got Adeline one of those floaties where she can sit in, and she loved it! She was in the water with us for like 40 minutes which made the ocean so much more enjoyable for all parties!


    This might be a little random, but baby powder is a beach hack that not a lot of people know about! This helps get rid of sand on your body really easily and quickly! Just powder the area where sand needs to come off and boom, the pesky sand is gone!


    As a content creator and social media influencer, this is important for me! I’m not always shooting content when I’m at the beach, but when I do plan to work, I always make sure I pack some props. My usual props: jewelry, hair clips, sunglasses, a cute bag, cute shoes/slippers, a hat, a cute camera, whatever I’m wearing, snacks, drinks, beauty products, etc! It could be anything that screams YOU so take a look at the stuff that represents who you are and what you do and have fun with it!

So that is pretty much it! I hope that you found this post helpful, and don’t forget to take advantage of the promotion Fruit of the Loom is having through September 3rd!

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