Bring the spa home with Evian® Facial Spray + 4 ways to use it in your Makeup Routine ⏤ Giveaway

There are so many facial sprays in the market right now, but are we sure that they're actually good for our skin? Evian® is known for its natural mineral water straight from the heart of the French Alps, which means that it is free from any chemical treatment and is absolutely as pure as pure can be. Evian® Facial Spray is dermatologically-tested and has a balance of minerals and a neutral pH of 7.2, ideal for all skin types. Also, this facial spray releases several million micro-droplets in one second! The mist it releases is holy fine, which instantly hydrates and refreshes skin! #AnytimeSpa

Evian Facial Spray comes in three sizes:
• 1.07oz. (50ml) ‣ portable, perfect for traveling, is TSA approved for on-board air travel
• 5 oz. (150ml) ‣ not too small, not too big, perfect to keep at your desk when you need an instant refresher
• 10 oz. (300ml) ‣ long lasting, perfect for makeup artists/addicts

Today, I will be sharing with you ways on how you can have a spa session at your own home and how you can incorporate Evian Facial Spray into your makeup routine. Be sure to read until the end for a chance to enter the giveaway.

⏤ #Anytime spa with Evian ⏤

1. Spa dates are always refreshing, and with Evian Facial Spray, you can have that feeling instantly, any time, anywhere! Just spritz it all over your face for instant hydration!

2. If you're planning to have a mani & pedi session at home, Evian is perfect to use on your cuticles. It should soften them up nicely, to make clipping it away so much easier and safer.

3. Before applying your face mask, spritz Evian Facial spray for extra hydration. The facial mask will lock in Evian's moisture into your skin better.

Bonus tip: Having this in your purse at all times, especially in the colder months is perfect for avoiding parched skin. Using Evian Facial Spray will relieve our skin of any tightness and flakiness.

⏤ 4 ways to use Evian® Facial spray in your makeup routine ⏤

1. Use it to prep your skin before makeup.

A fresh and clean face always works best for makeup, so before you apply any primer or foundation, spray Evian Facial Spray all over your face. Your skin will feel healthier and softer.

2. Use it on your Beauty Blender.

I've noticed that beauty blenders dry up a little too fast after wetting it from the sink, so when I need it to be a little bit more damp, I use my Evian Facial Spray. A damp beauty blender helps spread foundation/concealer all over the face evenly, and it leaves the skin hydrated as well.

3. Use it to intensify your eye shadows and highlighter.

Wetting your brush will intensify any powder product, and I like to use it to intensify my metallic shadows! It's perfect to use to really make your eyes pop! Also, if you want cheekbones that can be seen from outer space, spray your face with Evian Facial Spray before applying your powder highlight. ✨

4. Use it to set your makeup.

If you want your makeup to last longer, be sure to set you entire face with Evian Facial Spray. It will also give your skin a beautiful, fresh and dewy finish.

Want your own Evian® Facial Spray for free?! 20 winners will receive one 10 oz. bottle ($18) and one 5 oz. bottle ($12.50).

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Disclaimer: This post & giveaway is sponsored by Evian through Brandbacker. As always, all thoughts and opinions expressed in this post are entirely my own. :)