8 Reasons Why You Should Switch to Menstrual Cups

It's already been 5 months since I started using the menstrual cup my sister gifted me for Christmas, and hey, it's true what they say... IT CHANGED MY LIFE!

Lunette Menstrual Cup

Make The Switch 

ft. Lunette Menstrual Cup

Today, I will be sharing with you the story about my menstrual cup experience, and the reasons why I think you should make the switch too!


So like I said earlier, my sister gifted me a menstrual cup for Christmas, a Lunette Cup to be more specific, because she knew that I would never buy one myself. She's been raving about it for months even before the holidays, and my other sisters and I have always just found it weird! Like, WHAT?! A CUP, TO BE PUT INSIDE ME, TO CATCH MY RED SEA, AND IT'S LIFE CHANGING?! I blame that on my Filipino upbringing where "private part" talks are considered immoral. 

For someone who is afraid of blood, the thought of menstrual cups is extremely daunting! I was just so confused as to how it was life changing, and questions just started piling up in my head! How is it NOT going to spill? will it get stuck in there? will it hurt? wait, that thing can go inside me? wait, I will have to put it inside me, wait wait, I HAVE TO FREAKING PUT IT INSIDE ME? so does that mean I have to "touch" myself? so I will get blood on my fingers? HAHAHA. I had so many questions, but come January, a new menstrual cycle awaited, and I took that chance to finally try out the controversial menstrual cup. And hey, I'm still a user, and I can proudly say that I bid goodbye to pads and tampons forever! 

I did a lot of research on YouTube on all the how's concerning menstrual cups. I learned a lot from the cup gurus, and in the 5 months of consistently using it, I can say that I've mastered how to use the cup properly. It took a lot of trial and errors to get to this point, and at the beginning, I got so frustrated because I couldn't get it right! I felt so discouraged, and even contemplated throwing it out because it was useless to me, but I just kept using it, and I just took every month as a new challenge. Each month was a learning experience for me, and now here we are.

Lunette Menstrual Cup

8 Reasons Why You Should Switch To Using A Menstrual Cup

  1. It will save you money! This is the number one reason why I've kept using my Lunette cup! Let's do the math. The average woman spends about $10 a month on pads and tampons. In one year, that's $120. My Lunette Cup is $39.99, and if I take care of it, I will be able to use it for years! Just think about how much money we can all be saving!
  2. You help save mother earth! No pads and tampons = no waste!
  3. Say goodbye to that awkward "diaper" bulge and sound. Give me an amen if you can relate!
  4. Say goodbye to itches down there. I don't know if this is true for everyone, but whenever I use pads, I get so itchy and I end up getting rashes. It's so uncomfortable, and it hurts! Now, I don't dread my monthly cycles anymore.
  5. You will be less prone to TSS also known as Toxic Shock Syndrome. Learn more about TSS here.
  6. You can wear whatever underwear you want! We all have our "period panties". When you switch to menstrual cups, you won't need to assign your panties specific jobs anymore.
  7. No more bad odors! Because the menstrual cup catches all your fluids inside you, it doesn't come in contact with oxygen, which is actually the culprit in giving our periods that nasty smell.
  8. You will feel 100% comfortable. Once the cup is inside, you will definitely not feel it at all. You can do your workout, run, lie down normally, do cartwheels, do splits, ride a bicycle, sleep in peace! You can do it all, because menstrual cups are just that awesome!
Lunette Menstrual Cup

Let me know if you want me to talk more about menstrual cup usage! Leave me questions below, if you have them, and maybe I'll do a Q&A specifically about this topic for my next menstrual cup post!

Are you a menstrual cup user? What cup are you using? Or are you a pad/tampon user? Would you ever try using a menstrual cup?