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Why We Love Hello Bello

There’s a new affordable baby brand in the market and guess what? It’s CLEAN! 🌿I will be sharing with you some of our favorite products from Hello Bello and how parents can enjoy them too!

PS: this is NOT sponsored. I just really love Hello Bello for my baby and for me haha!

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Best Place To Buy Baby Toys and Baby Gear

To my fellow parents, I’m sure you’ve asked this question more than once already: “WHAT NOW?!”

I sure am guilty of this. Every month, my daughter Adeline changes on me. She learns so fast and outgrows her stuff way too quickly and my husband and I always find ourselves asking a lot of questions! What do we buy next? When should we buy this? Will she enjoy this at this age? What types of toys will help her development? What baby gear should we be saving up for? You catch my drift!

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Adeline's Second Trimester

Not that anyone’s actually waiting for these updates, but man, I completely forgot to write about Adeline’s second trimester, and now here we are; we just said hello to 9 months! Geez time seems to be faster now that I’m a mom.

I’m not sure I’ll be able to recall every detail of Adeline’s second trimester but I will try my best! Also, enjoy some never-before seen photos of her. :)

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The Best Book Subscription Service For Children ⏤ Bookroo Review

As a mom who loves to read, I obviously want my daughter to learn to love reading as well.

But like most moms (I bet), I got a little stressed out on what books to buy Adeline because THERE IS SO MANY OUT THERE! I honestly was so anxious that I ended up not getting her books at all. Isn’t that awful?! Well, I discovered a solution to this dilemma, and I am so excited to share with you this book subscription service for children called Bookroo!


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5 Must-Have Baby Onesies

As a first time mom, obviously I got super excited with cute baby clothes! I’m sure I’m not the only one!

I wanted everything — all the cute clothes that I could buy for my daughter! But now that my daughter is 6 months old, I’ve come to realize that onesies/bodysuits are my go-to clothes for Adeline. They’re just extremely easy to put on a baby, and they’re also very comfortable for them! Have you tried putting on a cute piece of clothing on your baby and they’re NOT stretchy at all?! It was a nightmare for me, so when I learned that cute clothes aren’t all functional, I just kept using onesies for Adeline. I’ve tried a bunch of different kinds, and today, I will be sharing with you my top 5 favorite ones!

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Adeline's First Trimester

I cannot believe that I will love motherhood as much as I do! It almost feels like this is my calling. Anyway, this post isn’t about me or my feelings. Today, I wanted to share with you the first three months of Adeline’s life!

She almost 5 months, and it still feels just like yesterday when I pushed her out into this crazy world. Her first three months flew by so quickly, and honestly, most of it is a blur! It’s just a mix of days where I am constantly checking diapers, feeding her milk, and constantly cuddling her — the most fulfilling 3 months of my life yet.

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My Baby's Bath Time Essentials

Back at the hospital when Adeline was only a day old, the nurse told me that my baby didn’t like her bath at all. That made me feel a little challenged and a little anxious because as a first time mom, the thought of giving my newborn a bath was already daunting so I couldn’t imagine giving a very fussy baby a bath! But a couple weeks after, as soon as her belly button’s all good, my husband and I gave her a proper bath and was pleasantly surprised at how much she loved it! I wonder what the nurses did to her at the hospital. 🤔

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