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A Daniel Wellington Trip To D.C. | A City Guide of Sorts

A Trip to D.C.

I've visited D.C. a number of times but it was my first time to actually document a full day trip for a blog post when Jorge was given the opportunity to takeover Daniel Wellington's Snapchat account. Jorge had planned a very eventful day in D.C. so I figured it was the perfect time for me to finally write something about D.C. and what we usually do there when we visit. I guess we can call this post "a city guide of sorts".

Our day started with breakfast at Ted's Bulletin. My breakfast meal at restaurants usually consists of some over-medium eggs, sausages, hash brown and of course, a thermos (literally, but Jorge and I usually share the drink) of freshly brewed coffee. We ordered a meal that came with Ted Bulletin's signature dessert, their tarts! I'm not so big on tarts, but I enjoyed my meal very much. Breakfast food is my jam!

Next stop was Maketto. I thought it was just a place to get coffee but it's actually more than just your typical coffee joint. It's a restaurant and a retail place as well and they carry pretty cool items if I don't say so myself. I loved the whole atmosphere and if I lived around the area, it would be the perfect spot for me to sit down and write. 

The place was pretty full inside so we situated ourselves at their outdoor tables. For a change, I ordered a latte, and it was pretty good! Jorge had an iced mocha and Angelo had some tea and black coffee. Then one of the birds in the photo below decided to take a dump and it unfortunately landed inside Angelo's coffee cup. 😂

After our coffee break, we decided to have lunch at Takorean. It was our first time trying out their food and it was surprisingly good. They offer a mix of Korean flavors with a Mexican twist which is actually very unique and cool! Fun fact: they started out as a food truck! 

After our very tasteful Korean lunch, we went for some donuts and there's no better place to get them from but District Doughnut. We arrived just before they closed too, whew! I didn't have any because for some weird reason, I wasn't feeling a donut, but Jorge really enjoyed his Salted Dulce de Leche donut!🍩

We felt like we needed to see some of D.C.'s famous monuments, so we did just that! It was pretty amazing because it was my first time to see helicopters land in front of the White House! It looked so legit and of course, I got some photos to show you guys! 

The White House's view point is actually a great vantage point for photos because you also get to see the Washington Monument and the Jefferson Memorial from there. 

P.S.: I got a little carried away taking photos of the helicopter. Forgive me.

After our little field trip, we decided to visit D.C.'s city center. Jorge took some OOTD shots of me. Read the post → What I Wore in D.C.

Since we were at the City Center, we decided to go in for another coffee break and this time, we also got some gelato! Dolcezza is such a cute spot for both and the staff was pretty friendly! The cute anime-looking barista recommended to combine their Lemon Ricotta Cardamom and Chocolate gelato flavors and OMG, that combo tasted like heaven in my mouth! If you ever get the chance to visit Dolcezza, do yourselves a favor and order that gelato combo. You're welcome!

We capped the night off by walking into Chinatown and having dinner at ShopHouse Kitchen. I've raved about this place on Twitter and Snapchat quite a few times. I just love their food! 

This is how my ShopHouse order looks like just in case you guys wanted to know what I always get: white rice, half chicken and half steak, peanut sauce 😍, corn, pickled veggies, cilantro, roasted peanuts. 

My ShopHouse Kitchen order

Congratulations if you reached the end of this post! I didn't realize how many pictures I took on this trip.😂 Anyway, this wraps up my D.C. city guide of sorts. I hope you guys enjoyed experiencing D.C. with me.

Have you ever visited D.C.? What do you like about visiting famous cities?

ps: Photos of me were taken by Jorge Suarez.