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Adeline's Second Trimester

Not that anyone’s actually waiting for these updates, but man, I completely forgot to write about Adeline’s second trimester, and now here we are; we just said hello to 9 months! Geez time seems to be faster now that I’m a mom.

I’m not sure I’ll be able to recall every detail of Adeline’s second trimester but I will try my best! Also, enjoy some never-before seen photos of her. :)



During this month, Adeline started to use her voice more. She liked to “talk” and I think her voice sounds so adorable even though she doesn’t have that usual girly “high-pitched” sound! In the mornings, she greeted us with a smile on her face and she has started to play with her feet. She’s a drool monster because I believe she started teething at this month. I started to include her more in my blog/social media work which I think she also enjoys very much haha. She loves the camera. Also, one of her milestones this month was that she learned how to sit up on her own during Thanksgiving!


During this month, Adeline’s just perfecting all the things she learned during her 4th month. I did however introduce to her the walker. She’s pretty tall for her age, and since she was able to kind of sit up already, she was able to ride her walker fine. I wanted her to learn how to use her legs. I do know that most doctors don’t recommend using a walker because babies will most definitely run into things that may fall on them, and the stairs OMG the stairs, but since we live in a basement apartment with not a lot of furniture, we thought it was fine. The big change that we did during this month was that she started on solids! She pretty much ate everything I gave her except for Butternut squash. She hates that. Haha. She’s the cutest baby model and she’s honestly a big asset in my work. She still doesn’t know how to roll over at this point which frustrated me a little bit.


At 6 months, Adeline started learning the concept of toys and playing. She loves her unicorn toy that she got for Christmas. She’s mastered sitting up, but still hasn’t learned to roll over! She’s moving a lot more so it got harder to change her diaper. She learned to love avocados, and some of her favorites are mangoes and raspberries (which she’ll hate at 9 months haha). She saw snow for the first time and even though I know she didn’t really understand what snow is, it was nice to see that she was mesmerized by it. She loves Maggie Rogers just as much as I do, and I love that she loves Jorge too. I know because she smiles at him whenever he’s around. We also started hanging around with Haven, at this age.