Almost Annie Lake

Sorry if I'm posting this very late photo diary of our Annie Lake adventure. I've had the photos all ready for a long time now but I just didn't feel like writing it up. I know I've already said it more than two times now, but I've been in a blogging rut for more or less two months and it's only now that I'm starting to warm up my not-so-tired fingers into writing again. I am not sorry that I took a break though. I think I needed it, to sort my life out. But now that I'm finally settled into my new home, I think it's time to get back to work.

So why ALMOST Annie Lake? Well let me tell you the story. Jorge's departure to the US was getting closer and we wanted to go see new places before he had to leave. Jorge of course did a little bit of looking around Google Maps and he found Annie Lake, which was just more or less an hour away from Whitehorse. It was the perfect place to go to: it wasn't very far, and we've never been there before.

We left the house pretty late in the day because we love to sleep in and you will see in the photos that dusk caught up with us pretty quickly. So, as we were driving we saw a sign that read ANNIE LAKE with an arrow pointing to a private property. We attempted to go drive into the path but that would have been trespassing right? So we quickly backed up then kept driving forward because we thought we'd find the lake somewhere. We drove and we drove until we realized that Annie Lake could only be reached through that private driveway. It kinda sucked because we didn't get to see and take photos of Annie Lake, but our little road trip was still very beautiful. 

I believe this is Annie Lake. This little marsh leads up to a large and beautiful lake which we didn't get to see. so ~*sed*~

And here are some DSLR shots by Jorge:

Sorry about the amount of grain in this photo. -_- Jorge edits photos way better than I do

Sorry about the amount of grain in this photo. -_- Jorge edits photos way better than I do

All the other photos were taken with my iPhone 5s and edited of course with VSCOcam and Snapseed.

We will miss exploring in the Yukon, but I'm sure Jorge and I will have many more amazing adventures together here in the US.