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New Year, New Me - Skincare I'm Currently Loving

This post is sponsored by Alpha Skin Care but the content and opinions expressed here are my own.

It’s 2019 and if you still aren’t on the SKINCARE train, now’s the time to hop on!

I’m sure I’ve already said it here before but the largest organ of our body is our skin so it is very important that we take care of it! It’s been years now from when I started taking my skincare routines seriously and it’s honestly the best thing I have done for myself! If there’s something you plan to invest on this year, invest in your skincare!

Today, I will be sharing some skincare products I’ve been using and loving for weeks and hopefully I’m able to convince you to kick off the new year with better information all things skincare!#AlphaSkinCare

Alpha Skin Care by Neoteric Cosmetics believes in using essential, natural ingredients with clinically-proven results, which they spent decades researching and formulating, to reveal healthy, younger-looking skin. They use ingredients like glycolic AHA for skin renewal, retinol for refinement, hyaluronic acid for amazing hydration, hydroquinone for brightening, citric AHA for purifying, and some nourishing vitamins and nutrients. If you want to learn more about these amazing ingredients, click here.

They sent me five face products and one body lotion and I love all of them! Each product has a unique purpose and it’s amazing to see results in just a couple weeks!

    This face wash is so gentle on the skin yet really tough on dirt! If you’re familiar with my skincare routine, you know that I double cleanse at all times, and this product is a great second cleanser after removing my makeup with a cleansing oil. It gets rid of any oil residue and leftover makeup thanks to citric AHA! And because this is free of any alcohol, soaps, and parabens, my skin always feels soft and smooth after every wash.

  • ESSENTIAL FACIAL MOISTURIZER with Hyaluronic Acid - $14.99
    Out of the few moisturizers and face lotions they sent me, this is the one I grabbed the most because it has hyaluronic acid which is one of my favorite ingredients in any skincare product! When I got pregnant, my skin transformed from oily to dry, so I always go for any product that can provide the hydration my skin needs. It’s also very lightweight so it’s great to use underneath makeup.

  • ESSENTIAL RENEWAL LOTION with 10% Glycolic AHA - $16.99
    If my skin needs extra TLC, I use this face lotion for its glycolic AHA benefits which helps gently release dead skin cells. Since this lotion has this ingredient, it may increase your skin’s sensitivity to the sun especially if you’re going to wear this under the sun. To help prevent sunburn, they recommend using the next product…

  • ENHANCED FACIAL MOISTURIZER with broad spectrum SPF 15 - $16.99
    This is a hydrating sunscreen which is recommended to be used after using the essential renewal lotion. We’re all supposed to use sunscreen daily regardless of what moisturizer we use underneath so I’m glad that I’m finally getting on this product this year. I will be honest and say that I do not apply sunscreen regularly which is a big no no for someone who’s literally aging, so I’m trying to do better this year. This sunscreen is formulated with vitamins, green tea, and light-diffusing ingredients to help brighten and even out skin tone. It’s also lightweight enough to be used under makeup.

  • DUAL ACTION SKIN LIGHTENER with 2% Hydroquinone and 10% Glycolic AHA - $10.99
    For someone who’s starting to see signs of aging like sun spots, random dark spots, wrinkles, and blemishes all over my face, I didn’t care for these spots enough to have done something about them so I’m glad when I received this product from Alpha. This little guy fights all the things I enumerated above and I’m so excited to see how younger I’m going to come out of this with constant use.

  • RENEWAL BODY LOTION with 12% Glycolic AHA - 16.99
    My body is loving this lotion because not only does it hydrate my skin, it also gently exfoliates leaving my skin soft, smooth all thanks to the glycolic acid. Because of its lightweight consistency, it doesn’t feel sticky at all and is so easy to apply. It also helps support collagen production for younger-looking skin.

I love when I discover skincare that actually works, and there are a few more other things that make Alpha Skin Care so good! None of their products are scented, none are tested on animals, and they help keep our skin young-looking. You would think that with all these amazing things, their price point will be ridiculously high, but guess what? All of these products are incredibly affordable!

Have I convinced you yet? Try these products out and say hello to a new you!

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If there’s one thing I learned from last year, it’s this:
You don’t need to spend hundreds of dollars on skincare! You just need to know where to look!