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April Inspiration Board

As promised, I will be posting a monthly inspiration board featuring some pictures that have been inspiring me lately on Pinterest, so here's my April edition: SPRING. I know my last inspiration board was all about summer, but let's go back one season first and enjoy spring, the beginning of new life!

April is all about spring here in Whitehorse. It's been really nice and sunny up here lately and we all couldn't be any happier. Well, maybe things can get a little better if the trees started to look greener and some flowers and plants have begun to blossom already, but unfortunately, Whitehorse has not been seeing any color yet! Spring is such a beautiful season because it's like a new beginning. Fall and winter killed everything, now, spring is the time for all those plants and trees that have withered for winter to start blossoming leaves and flowers! I really am excited that's why this month's inspiration board is dedicated to our earth's life and color!

All photos are found on Pinterest (@corinthsuarez). I do not claim ownership to any of these pictures.