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April + May Favorites

I am starting a new monthly blog series and dundundun, it is nothing original. I am going to start posting my monthly favorites here on the blog, from beauty and fashion items to my favorite food, movies, books, songs, pretty much, anything that I have enjoyed in that month.

On today's post, I will be featuring stuff I've loved from April to May because I have some things I need to talk to you about from April that I didn't have the chance to. Haha. So I'm combining my April and May favorites into one post, meaning, this can be a pretty long read and I am very sorry, in advance. I suggest that you grab a snack and let's get on to my favorites!

Beauty/Fashion Favorites

1. HATS - I've loved wearing hats lately every time Jorge and I go out because not only do they protect my head from the hot sun, they're very nice accessories and can make any outfit go from 1 to 100!

2. TOO FACED CHOCOLATE BAR EYESHADOW PALETTE - I love this palette! This is what I have been using for weeks now and I love how it's so easy to use. The colors in this palette are perfect for any kind of look. It is a very versatile palette and for the price I paid, I can really say that it's worth every penny. And it smells like CHOCOLATE! <3 Let me know if you want me to swatch and review this palette. 

MOST USED SHADES: Salted Caramel, Hazelnut, Marzipan, Creme Bruleé, Semi-Sweet, Milk Chocolate

MOST USED SHADES: Salted Caramel, Hazelnut, Marzipan, Creme Bruleé, Semi-Sweet, Milk Chocolate

3. VASELINE TOTAL MOISTURE COCOA RADIANT MOISTURIZING BODY BUTTER - Wow, that's a mouthful but this is the lotion I have been loving for almost two months now. I'm glad I finally moved on from my St.Ives Shea Butter lotion which I used for 3 years (i think). This Cocoa body butter has a thicker consistency compared to St.Ives' lotion but I love how moisturized and soft my skin feels after applying it. I also smell like chocolates after so that's a major PLUS.

4. RIMMEL WATERPROOF NATURAL BRONZER in shade SUN BRONZE - This is the only bronzer I own that I actually use for bronzing and I love it! It gives the perfect warmth to my skin and it's very easy to blend. It doesn't have an annoying scent to it which I appreciate a lot. I haven't really tested its waterproof quality, but I can say that it is pretty long-wearing. Best part, it's CHEAP!

5. ELF GOLDEN BRONZE in GOLDEN - This is a bronzer but I use it more for highlighting. It's too shimmery for bronzing, in my opinion. This is the highlight I used in my last Makeup Video. I love how this gives a golden glow to the skin. I just dust this on my cheekbones, my chin and down the bridge of my nose and I look perfectly sun-kissed. Feeling #JLo.

6. L´ORÉAL COLLECTION PRIVEE in JULIANNE'S NUDE - This is the nail polish that is on my toe nails for a full month now and I love how it makes my feet look feminine! I know, it shouldn't be there for a whole month because it can turn my nails yellow but I am lazy and unless they start chipping off, they're staying on my nails.

7. TOO FACED BETTER THAN SEX MASCARA - This is now OFFICIALLY my favorite mascara ever. 'Nuff said. I don't need to curl my lashes or even apply an eyeliner when I use this. The volume and curl I get from this mascara is unbelievable. 

8. ELF COMPLEXION BRUSH - This is the brush I use for bronzing my face. I love how soft and fluffy it is. It really helps blend the bronzer perfectly onto my skin. 

9. STILL SPA ESSENTIALS BLENDING BRUSH - This is my new favorite eyeshadow brush because it's so fluffy and it really blends eyeshadow seamlessly! I use this mainly for my crease's transition shades. I LOVE IT! The bristles don't poke my lids or give my lids that painful feeling, if you know what I mean. I got it from Walmart so it's very cheap!

10. RIMMEL SCANDAL EYES WATERPROOF KOHL KAJAL EYELINER in BROWN 003 - I love how smooth this glides onto my eyelids and I actually like that it has some sparkle. It gives that extra oomf to every eye look.

11. REAL TECHNIQUES MIRACLE COMPLEXION SPONGE - I use this damp and I love how pretty it blends my concealer out. It really gives the skin that nice flawless finish. I'm not too keen on using it for blending my foundation though. I find that it sucks my foundation off my skin rather than distribute it nicely. But still, I like using it for concealing and highlighting my undereye area. It's also tons cheaper than the Beauty Blender so I can't really complain. 

12. MAYBELLINE SCULPTING BROW MASCARA - This brow mascara is a brow game changer and I use it everyday! It keeps my brow hairs in place and it gives a slight tint to them, making my brows match my hair.

13. BOBBI BROWN CORRECTIVE CONCEALER in PEACH - I have been using this non-stop and I love how it really hides my dark circles. I use this to cancel out the bluish purples of my under-eye circles, then apply a cream colored concealer on top of that to just brighten up the under-eye area. What I don't like about this though is that it still creases and settles into my under-eye crease. Maybe I need a better setting powder. :(

14. BENEFIT'S BROW ZINGS in MEDIUM - I've had this for a long time now and I have recently re-discovered my love for it two months ago. This is what I have been using for the past two months and I have gotten a lot of compliments on my brows because of this. This is good stuff and I think it's worth the money I spent on it.

15. ELIZABETH ARDEN BEAUTIFUL COLOR MOISTURIZING LIPSTICK in BREATHLESS 31 - If there was one nude shade that I can take with me to an island, it would be this. Not that I'd need a lipstick on an island, but you get I'm saying. THIS IS THE PRETTIES nude shade I own and I do not regret splurging on this lipstick. The packaging is very sleek and elegant, it's very pigmented and it is really moisturizing on the lips. 

16. MIRROR - This is a mirror I got from a Physician's Formula shimmer thingy which I already threw out. I kept the mirror though and it is what I use everyday when I apply mascara. I love how small it is that I can hold it and my mascara tube at the same time. 


1. STARBUCKS S'MORES FRAPPUCINO - I AM OBSESSED WITH THIS DRINK. Too bad it's only available in the summer. HUHU.

2. BREAKING BAD - Jorge and I watched the entire show in 10 days last April. That's 5 seasons in 10 days! IT IS THAT GOOD OF A SHOW. OMG. If you haven't watched all about Walter White's blue journey, I suggest that you get on it now! 

3. TOUCH THE SKY- Jorge has been playing this a lot this past month and I've been loving hearing it. It's from the new Hillsong United Album EMPIRES.

4. KFC'S TWISTER WRAP + HONEY MUSTARD - This has been a favorite for a while now. I actually want one right now. 


That concludes my April and May Favorites. What were your favorites last month? Are we loving the same products? Let me know! Did you write your own monthly favorites too? Leave your blog link in the comment box below! I like watching/reading monthly favorites posts. 

Hope you had an amazing May. I know I did.

 June, let's get it on!