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Reasons Why This New York Hotel is Amazing

It's not everyday that we're in New York City, but when we are, we make sure that we stay in a nice place. We checked out a bunch of hotels, hostels, and Airbnb's in the city, but there was only one place that really caught our attention, and it was the Arlo NoMAd Hotel.

Jorge and I had a hard time finding a place that we were willing to pay for, because we didn't really try to book ahead of time, and we all know how busy the Big Apple gets on Christmas day! Thanks to this blogger I follow on Instagram, I found out about Arlo. The moment Jorge and I checked out their website, we fell in love. So we booked a room in the NoMad, and when we saw our room, we realized that we couldn't have chosen a better place! We booked for only one night, and we chose the King-Sky room because we wanted a big bed, and we wanted to be on a higher floor. We had an amazing experience with Arlo NoMad, and I'll let the photos speak for themselves, but here are my top 5 reasons why:


I want to book the Arlo NoMad again just for the lobby alone. The smell of their whole ground floor was addicting! I don't know what it was, and right now, I regret not asking about it, but the aroma of their lobby smelled so good! The whole place looked so inviting, and the design's pretty modern and artsy. Their staff was very helpful and friendly as well, so just from our initial check-in, Jorge and I felt really good booking with them. I wish I took more photos of their lobby though! 😅


The Arlo NoMad is by far our most favorite hotel because of the breathtaking views we got from our room. Because we booked King-Sky, we were given a room on a higher floor, and we had floor-to-ceiling windows all around the room which allowed us to see New York City from our bed. It was a spectacular sight to see, both at night and in the day time. Although we didn't get to see the sunset from our room, we had the chance to catch the sunrise and my gosh, it was beautiful! I'm not a morning person at all, but I wouldn't mind waking up early if the sun majestically rises right in front of me.

Most of you know my fear of heights, so if you have the same fear, you might want to think twice about getting the Sky room because the King-size bed's placed right by the huge windows! It can be pretty scary at first, but I'm sure you'll get over it really quickly (like I did) for the photos! HAHA.

3. IT'S A BLOGGER'S DREAM ROOM me at least! Because of the huge windows, you get so much light, that the entire room can be a photo opportunity! I also love how extra bright the room is because of the fluffy bed, the soft curtains, and the white walls! The wood and metal furnishings add a little character to the room, but ultimately, I love how dreamy the room looks! 

I wish I did a jump pose, but my pajama shorts were ugly, so all the photos below are of me sitting in bed, pretending to do some blog work. These photos were taken during the golden hour (AM edition hehe). ✨

Thanks awesome husband for taking my photos! 


The NoMad hotel is situated in a really good spot in the city. It's approximately 5 minutes away from the Subway, and it's only a short walk to some famous landmarks like the Empire State Building and Madison Square Park. 


It kinda sucks that they don't offer free breakfast, but they do have a 24-hour pantry, which they call the Bodega, where you can grab delicious coffee and food to-go. Jorge had a bagel and it was pretty good. Massoni, a restaurant also located inside the hotel, offers breakfast and dinner, and it's actually where Jorge and I had our New Year's Eve dinner. Their menu is not extensive, but their food was pretty good. It was a bit overpriced, but that's how it is in the city. If you are in the mood for drinks, Barlo is located on the second floor, a perfect place for locals and guests to unwind and socialize. But it doesn't end there, the NoMad also boasts of a rooftop called The Heights where guests can enjoy the view of the city while sipping on well-crafted cocktails. That area opens in the Spring, meaning, Jorge and I weren't able to see that area when we were there! We'll have to go back to check it out because I want to see their terrace's glass bottom feature!


If you are a sucker for ~*aesthetics*~ without compromising comfort then Arlo is the perfect hotel for you. I mean, if you couldn't already tell by the photos you've seen so far, our room was 100% hashtag goals! Every corner of the room was Instagrammable so naturally, I took to Instagram a bunch of photos to the point that people asked me if my stay at the Arlo NoMad was sponsored. HAHA. No, it wasn't. The room was just so photogenic that I had to post the hundreds of photos I took!

When we first saw our room, I was so surprised by the size of it. It was extremely small, and you know how they joke about NYC apartments being as "big" as shoeboxes? Well, that was the case with our hotel room. The rooms at the Arlo NoMad are only 150 sqft! With that said, this was our smallest hotel room to date! But despite the tiny space, Jorge and I really loved our stay there. I actually liked that the room was small, because our things were within arm's reach! 😂

The entire room, including the bathroom were crystal clean, and had everything you could ever need! It had a huge and comfortable King-size bed, electric blinds, a nice flat screen TV, a telephone, alarm clock, outlets and light fixtures by the bed, a little closet where you can hang your clothes, clean towels, shampoo, conditioner, body wash, and most importantly, FREE Wi-Fi! 

I didn't expect to like the bathroom as much as I did. When I took a shower, it was as if I was under a waterfall. The way the shower head released hot water felt so amazing and strong, and it really helped my body relax after an extremely long day of exploring the city!

Our room felt really comfortable, safe, and surprisingly quiet! If you are looking to have a really relaxing night in the city, consider Arlo Hotels.


What's nice about booking with Arlo is that they offer several deals all year round! Be sure to check them out before booking, so you can get the most out of your money!

And congrats, you've reached the end of this post! Those were the few reasons why I really enjoyed my stay at the Arlo NoMad. If ever Jorge and I do visit NYC again, we are definitely booking with Arlo again, and hopefully next time, they host our stay! ❤️ 

NoMad • Hudson Square

Are you traveling to NYC in the near future? Would you consider booking with Arlo? What are you most curious about their hotel? Let me know in the comments below!

DISCLAIMER: This post is NOT sponsored. Photos of me were taken by Jorge S.