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August Favorites

  1. My 3oz. Swirl and Sparkle makeup brush cleanser was supposed to be included in last month's favorite but I forgot to add it so here it is. If you want to read my full review on this product, you can click here. If you've already read it then you probably know why this is a favorite of mine! They recently featured 10 new scents and I'm really tempted to buy the sample sizes! It's sooooo good!
  2. I've been using the shade Glow from ColourPop's Where The Light Is quad as my all-over lid base and I've been loving how it really makes my soft cut-crease eye makeup look so pretty! <3
  3. I've used this every singe day, since the day I got it and I really love it! Loreal's Infallible Setting Spray really makes the makeup stay put almost all day, and I love how it makes my skin look like skin after a few spritzes. Cons: I don't know why it's so freaking expensive. This bottle was like $17 at Superstore. Also, it makes my t-zone oilier than usual.
  4. Thanks to one of my readers who suggested this eyeliner, Rimmel's Exaggerate Liquid Eyeliner has been my go-to eyeliner for the entire month of August and I love how easy it is to use! It dries up almost instantly and you can really build up the color without erasing the first layer. I hate other liquid liners that do that!
  5. My Justfab boots is just so freaking nice! I feel like I'm a legit explorer and I blame Instagram for feeling this way. HAHA. Socality Barbie knows what's up though.
  6. This Morphe M439 brush is the best foundation brush I have ever used! Even better than my RT one. If you can get your hands on this brush, please do so because it's the BEST!
  7. Now, this Morphe M501 brush is the brush most YouTubers use for highlighting because they said that it's the perfect shape and size for it, I AM TALKING TO YOU JACLYNHILL and NIKKIETUTORIALS so of course, I knew I had to have it and guess what, they were right. 
  8. I've also been loving my Lise Watier contour brush as my inner corner of the eye highlight brush. Fun Fact: This is my first ever legit and expensive makeup brush and at first, I regretted buying it. But now, I found a use for it. HAHA.
Morphe M501 and Lise Watier Defining Crease Brush ||  Becca's Champagne Pop

Morphe M501 and Lise Watier Defining Crease Brush || Becca's Champagne Pop

Too Faced Love Flush in Love Hangover , BH Cosmetics Brush #2

9. I find this BH Cosmetics brush perfect for blush! I love how pink the handle is and it matches my Too Faced Flushed blush! <3


10. Justin Bieber's new song! It's been on repeat for days and days and days. Thanks Jorge!

11. I've been loving my new Aveeno Skin Brightening facial scrub. I feel like it made my skin healthier and it really helped clear out my pores.

12. I decided my face needed a real moisturizer so I ditched my Bio Oil and switched to Cetaphil's Daily Moisturizer! I love it and it also has SPF so I know my face is somehow protected and it sits nicely underneath makeup which is always a good thing. 

13. On The Wings of Love because it became my sisters and I's bonding moment. Can we talk about the editing of that show though? It's just awful! And can they please NOT play the song On The Wings of Love on every "kilig" moment? Ka-umay!

I know these are a lot of things, and I know they're mostly beauty products. I will try my best to lessen the things I talk about on my monthly favorites but it's so hard when there are so many new products out there screaming my name, you know what I mean? *insert Justin Bieber's song here*

Anyway, these are all the things that have been giving me life this past month. What were your faves?