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Basecamp 2017 Experience and Vlog

Basecamp... whew!

If you were able to attend our annual retreat, you know what happened. You've seen God's work, and you've experienced His power firsthand. IT WAS INSAAAAANE! Thinking about it now, I still cannot believe that THAT happened, and it blows my mind that it was made possible because children of God made themselves available for the labor.

Guys, God is able. Let that sink in. GOD IS ABLE. If we want to see lives transformed, if we want to see cities shaken, if we want Jesus introduced to every soul, it is possible, real talk! All it takes is one person, you, me, to say, "Yes Lord, send me..." Souls were saved at Basecamp because God moved. God loves His children so much that He made that love evident in our three-day retreat. Yes, God did all that and more. But more importantly, God was able to move freely because there was a group of young people who said yes to God's calling in their lives. Collectively, they're called Ascend, and I am so honored to be a part of it.


Below is a 10-minute vlog of my Basecamp experience, and I know that this is a side of me not many of you see on social media, but know that this is what I am called to do. Yes, blogging and being a creative is my passion. But my calling and purpose in life is to bring people to God through singing, through community, and by being a sister and a friend.

I am called to be a worshiper, and if people who follow me don't see what God is doing through my life, I've failed my mission.

DISCLAIMER: Photos by Light Kamasse. Video edited by Jorge Suarez.

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