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Enjoy a 3-Course Meal for Two for only $49 at Bonefish Grill

This post is in collaboration with Bonefish Grill.

Since having a baby, date nights are not a common thing for my husband and I anymore.

Sure, we have eaten out a lot as a family, but a date night? That’s a different story. When Bonefish Grill reached out to me to feature their OMG special, I said, “OMG, this sounds great! Let’s do it!” Since my husband and I haven’t had a date night just the two of us in the longest time, I thought dinner at this restaurant was the perfect opportunity!

Read to the end for a giveaway!

Enjoy a 3-Course Meal for only $49 - Bonefish Grill Food Review and Giveaway
Enjoy a 3-Course Meal for only $49 - Bonefish Grill Food Review and Giveaway
Enjoy a 3-Course Meal for Two for only $49 - Bonefish Grill Review and Giveaway

It was Jorge and I’s first time at BONEFISH GRlLL so we were both really excited for this dinner hosted by them.

We were greeted warmly by our lovely server and she provided us some delicious free bread with their wonderful pesto dip. We knew we didn’t want wine but our server invited us to try out some of their cocktails which I gladly obliged since it was happy hour. My husband ordered their draft beer while I got their Tropic Heat Martini which was a delicious spicy drink! I don’t usually like spicy stuff but our server reassured me that it was good, even with the jalapeño, and I’m glad I trusted her because I was pleasantly surprised! Even Jorge liked it!


We were invited to try out their Ocean Mixed Grill (OMG) 3-Course Dinner and we were not disappointed at all! This $49 dinner includes:

  • 1 Starter: their world-famous Bang Bang Shrimp

  • 2 Salads: fresh house or Caesar salad

  • 3 Side Dishes: of your choice: we got potatoes Au gratin, Jasmine rice, and Brussel sprouts

  • 4 Wood-Grilled Seafood Selections: Fresh Wood-Grilled Atlantic Salmon, Caribbean Cobia, Shrimp & Scallop Skewer and your local restaurant’s Neighborhood Catch dish, which is locally curated + perfectly prepared

Their Bang Bang Shrimp is world-famous for a reason: they’re absolutely amazing! The shrimps were cooked to the most perfect “tender on the inside crispy on the outside” state, and they’re coated with this delicious sweet and spicy sauce that is definitely addicting! These shrimps are so good that Bonefish Grill has a special day for them.


We chose the Caesar salad for our second course and it tasted fresh and very flavorful, not at all dry! The serving was very generous as well. After our delicious greens came our grilled goodness plus sides, and we said “OMG!”

Like I said above, we got the Brussel sprouts, Jasmine rice, and potatoes Au gratin for our sides which were all very delicious! Our grilled seafood didn’t disappoint either! We got the Fresh Wood-Grilled Atlantic Salmon, Caribbean Cobia, Shrimp & Scallop Skewer and the Norwegian Salmon which were all coated with Bonefish Grill’s different signature sauces so we were able to enjoy a variety of flavors. Jorge and I were able to each make our own plates so we were able to try them all! As we were enjoying our main course, our server picked our brains and asked us which one our favorite was. And though both Jorge and I enjoyed all four, we particlarly enjoyed the flavors of the Norwegian Salmon and the Caribbean Cobia.


All of that for just $49! And for only $25, you can add a SELECT bottle of (RED, WHITE, or ROSÉ) WINE to this lovely “OMG” dinner.

It’s the perfect meal to try if you’re new to Bonefish Grill because you get to try a lot of different dishes without breaking the bank! Jorge and I were extremely satisfied after our OMG meal but we couldn’t pass up on their Carrot Lava Cake. When our server talked about this at the beginning of our night, we knew we had to leave room for dessert, and boy was it the best way to end dinner!


Bonefish Grill and I are giving away a $50 gift card to one lucky reader!

All you have to do:

  1. Follow @bonefishgrill on Instagram

  2. Follow @corinthsuarez on Instagram

  3. Tag your friends and loved ones on my post on Instagram. 1 tag per comment! More tags, more chances of winning!

  4. BONUS ENTRY (3 pts): Leave a comment on this blog post.

Bonefish Grill Food Review and Giveaway

You can use this gift card to enjoy your own OMG dinner, or you can use it towards Bonefish Grill’s Fire & Ice Event happening on April 25th! GOT is life, and Bonefish Grill understands this so if you are a fan, what better way to celebrate the final season than to indulge in this 3-Course dinner where your taste buds battle between the chill and heat?! Find the location near you and RSVP below!

Overall, my husband and I had a very pleasant experience at Bonefish Grill. From the service, to the ambiance, to the food, everything was excellent and we highly recommend! Thank you so much Bonefish Grill for hosting us!

Disclaimer: This post is in partnership with Bonefish Grill but as always, all thoughts and opinions are entirely my own. Photos were taken by Jorge Suarez and edited by moi using my Brooklyn Preset.

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