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7 Reasons Why You Need This Travel Backpack In Your Life

Traveling is fun, but once we think about the entire airport process that we have to go through: security, check-in, the waiting - it can be pretty daunting! I wish I had gotten on this trend sooner, but now, I have the option to say no to checking in my baggage, thanks to CabinZero! That's one less step to worry about.

DISCLAIMER: This post is in collaboration with by CabinZero, but as always, all opinions are entirely my own! :)

Back in December, I reached out to CabinZero to see whether they were open to collaborate with me, and to my surprise, they gladly accepted my offer. I planned to use the bag for Jorge and I's NYC trip this past December, but unfortunately, it didn't arrive on time! I was so bummed about that, but when I did receive the bag a few days later, I was ecstatic and extremely happy!

I got the Classic 44L Ultralight Bag in Cabin White, and I know, it's probably one of the worst color-picking decisions I've ever made, but it has to match my Instagram feed (hahaha). But I'm currently eyeing on the Vintage 44L in Absolute Black or Original Grey for Jorge.


1. Cabin-Sized

meaning, you can take this in the aircraft as your carry-on luggage! Say goodbye to the long lines and extra fees at check-in. You can also say goodbye to that ugly baggage pick-up carousel at your final destination, because with CabinZero, you can have all your belongings with you at all times! You can literally be in and out of the airport in no time, and that's convenience at its finest. Seriously!

2. Lightweight

Since you will be carrying this bag on your back, CabinZero made sure that their bags won't weigh you down! You know what usually adds weight to our luggages? The toiletries! Because you won't be checking this bag in (well, unless you want to then ignore all this haha), you have to make sure to pack according to the Liquids Rule. Not only will this save you time during security, this will also save your body from back pains. 

3. Built-In Global Tracker

I am pretty careful when it comes to looking after my belongings especially when traveling, but not everyone's as careful as me. One of the best features of CabinZero bags is their built-in global tracker which can easily trace your bag back to you, just in case you lose your bag, or if it gets stolen. The system is also linked directly into the Airline's own baggage tracking system. You just have to make sure to register your bag tag online with upon receiving it. 

4. 44L Capacity

Simply put, CabinZero bags can hold all your stuff. It's more than enough space to carry the bare necessities, and I like that it can also help avoid over-packing which I'm guilty of 90% of the time.

5. 25 Year Warranty + Social Media Perks

Every bag comes with a 10-year warranty, but because CabinZero loves their customers, you can easily bump that to 25 years by simply liking their Facebook Page! Also, they love featuring CabinZero photos posted by customers on Instagram! If you get featured by them, you have a chance to win a £50 voucher code that can be used when purchasing anything from their site. All you have to do is tag your Instagram post with #CabinZero.

6. So Many Different Styles and Colors to Choose From

CabinZero has 3 collections: Classic, Vintage, and Military, and they all look so nice and definitely Instagram-worthy! The classic style is available in a smaller size of 28L, while the other two styles come in only the 44L size. With CabinZero's beautiful variety of styles and colors, I'm sure you'll find one that you'll love! 

7. Cabin Cubes

I don't have this in hand, but I plan to purchase these soon! These cubes are basically your CabinZero bag organizers, and they're designed to fit inside the 44L bags! If you are a neat freak and cannot stand having your things all jumbled up inside your luggage, their Cabin Cubes will be lifesavers. To learn more about them, click here.

Those are only a few reasons why CabinZero is awesome. Be sure to check out their website for more information on all their products!


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What's your go-to bag when traveling? Would you like to see a post on how I pack when I travel? What's your dream destination? Lastly, please watch the video Jorge and I created for this post. :) It's super short, but I love it!