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What I Would Pack For A Summer Getaway

Summer is in full swing here in the east coast, and it's kind of bothering me that Jorge and I still don't have any beach plans!

Every time I hear the word summer, I think of road trips, beaches, the smell of grilled food, and of course, cute summer swimsuits and outfits! I know I said that Jorge and I have not planned any beach trips yet, but there have been talks about cruising from Florida to the Bahamas and that alone is so exciting to me! I have not seen those places before, and I'm all about discovering and experiencing foreign land. Not to mention, the beautiful ocean scenes I will be seeing, that trip will definitely worth remembering! Let's just hope it pushes through! 

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March Inspiration Board

This month of March, we've been blessed with warm-ish weather and it makes me think of nothing but SUMMER! I am so excited for the upcoming warm/hot season and I've been pinning a bunch of inspiring photos that feed my summer hunger, and I want to share them with you!

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