Check Out These Stylish Shoes for Me and My Daughter

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I think this is a thing for first time moms to little girls, but don’t we just love to match with our daughters any chance we get?!

I am so guilty of this, and every time we go out, I always search for clothes in my closet that could match Adeline! Sorry not sorry! I love it and I cannot wait until she’s a little older so I can actually buy us clothes that match!

Well, who knew that Nine West has cute baby shoes?! When I found out that I could try out a pair for both me and my daughter, I said yes because I love Nine West (fun fact: my wedding shoes are from Nine West!). I love that when I think of buying cute, chic, and stylish shoes for my baby and myself, I can just go check out Nine West! Makes shopping so much easier! The shoes they sent over are not matchy matchy by any means, but they’re both from the same brand and to me, that’s a win!

You’ll see in the photos below that I tried matching with Adeline’s outfit and I think we nailed it! It was so easy to incorporate our Nine West shoes with our styles.

If you’ve been following my Instagram or my shoe life, you would know that I lost a pair of black patent booties which were one of my favorite pairs of shoes, so I was very excited when I opened my Nine West box and was greeted by these gorgeous Russity Zippered Booties!

Obviously, I love the patent style because it gives the shoe a really cool look, but what made me fall in love with these shoes is its shape. I’ve been looking for the perfect pointy-toe heeled booties for the longest time and I’m so glad I finally found them! The 3-inch heel makes the shoes so comfortable to walk in, and I love how easy it is to put them on thanks to the beautiful zipper detail on the sides! I ordered a size 7 and it fit me a little too snug, but after breaking them in for a day or two, they feel so good on my feet! If you are thinking of purchasing these boots, try getting a half-size larger if you don’t want to go through the process of breaking them in. My boots come in three other different styles and I am so tempted to get them all because they’re all so stunning, especially the red patent ones!

Adeline got the cutest little sparkly flats and I die every time she wears them! These are the Phoebeflor Flats, but I call them the Dorothy shoes because of how sparkly they are! Her shoes are too big for her but that’s because I made a mistake when ordering them, so I suggest that you measure your baby’s feet and check out the sizing chart carefully to avoid this mistake! I got the size 4 when I should have ordered them in the size 2. Oopsies! We still made it work though. I just made her layer her thickest socks, which turned out perfect because the day we shot these photos was the most freezing day ever! Again, I love how sparkly her shoes are, and I adore the flower details on the strap of the shoes. These shoes also come in a silver color which I think will compliment any type of baby outfit!

Do you like our Nine West shoes?
Do you also like to match outfits with your kids?
Let me know your go-to outfit with your littles!


Chic and Stylish Shoes for Mommy and Baby from Nine West