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ColourPop X Kathleenlights | Where The Night Is and New Lippies

Where The Night Is Quad X Colourpop

On December 26th of 2015, ColourPop released Where The Night Is and two brand new lippie colors, all in collaboration with Kathleenlights. Thank the Lord for the Christmas money, I was able to purchase all of it because I love Kathleen and I will support her in everything she creates. The only thing I don't have in my Kathleenlights collection is her Lumiere Lippie Pencil and Havana Nights liquid lipstick . 😭 I will get those too though... someday. I also wrote about her first collection, Where The Light Is (see what she did there?), which actually started my ColourPop obsession. You can read about that here

New Kathleenlights Collection

If you want to know how Kathleen came up with the colors, the name of the shades, all that jazz, I suggest that you watch this video. You can also ColourPop's blog post about this collection. I will still include photos and swatches of everything on this blog post. I used all of these products for the first time last night and I came up with a makeup look I haven't done in my life ever. 

Let's first talk about the stunning Where The Night Is quad. 

Where The Night Is Closeup
Top left: PORTER Top right: MIDNIGHT Bottom left: WEENIE Bottom right: TELEPATHY

Top left: PORTER Top right: MIDNIGHT Bottom left: WEENIE Bottom right: TELEPATHY

I like how the packaging of Where The Night Is similar to her first quad, except, this one is black with gold accents while the first one was a pink with gold accents. Though the packaging of these two quads are similar, the eyeshadows in the new quad are very different from Where The Light Is

You can see that she included a very vibrant yellow, a deep burgundy red, a very beautiful rose gold and a dark and sparkly black in this one. Some people are complaining about how these shades are not very wearable but if you just play around with them, you'll find that there are lots of ways for you to wear these colors. I agree that these colors are more for dramatic/night time looks but you can totally wear these eyeshadows for the day time as well! 

Initially, I thought that it will be impossible to use all of these shades together because they are so different from each other, but I was able to make it happen! It reminded me of the colors of a sunset and so I used that as my inspiration for the makeup look I did last night. 

TELEPATHY - "a bright gold with a green undertone in an Ultra- Metallic finish"
WEENIE - "a pinky rose gold in a Pearlized finish"
MIDNIGHT - "a black undertone with a ton of gold glitter on top in a Metallic finish"
PORTER - "a warm burgundy with gold multi- dimensional gold glitter on top in a Metallic finish"

My favorite shade will have to be Weenie! I love how it's a true Rose Gold color! It matches my phone and my hair brush! 😂

L to R: Porter, Weenie, Telepathy, Midnight

L to R: Porter, Weenie, Telepathy, Midnight

What's awesome about this new collection is that you can purchase them individually! You don't have to buy all four if you only want one of the colors. The only catch about not buying all four of the new colors is that you won't be able to get the Where The Night Is packaging/box. 

You can also purchase the eyeshadows in her Where The Light Is quad individually. 

You will see in the photo below that I was able to use all four of the shades on my eyes. If you look further behind me, my eyes match the sky in the caricature illustration of me and Jorge! I love how this eye makeup turned out! A few of you already asked for a tutorial on this look so I just might film it this week! 

Me using Where The Night Is

Up next are Taurus and Aquarius!

Kathleen also created two new lippies with Colourpop and they're both gorgeous colors! They're both available as lippie pencils and lippie stix.

TAURUS - "a mid-tone yellow brown in a Matte finish"
AQUARIUS - "a soft pink nude in a Crème finish"

Taurus and Aquarius Lippies
Taurus and Aquarius Arm Swatches

I love both of these colors and I'm glad they're both flattering on me! Taurus is a beautiful brown-ish color which is very popular now and Aquarius is a beautiful everyday nude pink shade! I did notice that these new lippies smell different from the first ones they came out with. Taurus and Aquarius smell sweeter but it's not very strong. If you are sensitive with scents then trust me when I say that the scent is not bothersome at all. 

In the photos below, I used both the pencils and the lippie stix.

Which one do you like better?

I'm very excited to play with these products more! They're very affordable and they're very good quality! If you still haven't hopped on the Colourpop bandwagon, I highly recommend that you do! They're worth the hype! It just sucks that they still do not ship worldwide. Hopefully this year, they'll be able to make that happen. Either way, be sure to check them out!

This is my Colourpop X Kathleenlights collection Not pictured: Lumiere lippie stick

This is my Colourpop X Kathleenlights collection
Not pictured: Lumiere lippie stick

~ ~ ~

Are you a ColourPop addict? Which products do you love the most? If you still do not have any ColourPop item, which one would you love to try out first?