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My Favorite Hoodie of All Time

It's not everyday that I wear a hoodie, but when I do, it's got to be my favorite hoodie of all time... my Heyclaire Finger Guns Hoodie!



If you read my March Favorites, you'd already know the story about how I acquired this hoodie. My friend Angela got this hoodie for me because she knows that I love Heyclaire so much! If you don't know who she is, get yourself hip because she's one of the best YouTubers out there!

Heyclaire created this hoodie herself to help raise money to build a school in Africa, and I really love supporting my favorite peeps, especially when what their selling is for a good cause! But since this hoodie was a little outside of my budget at the time, Angela got it for me for my "fake birthday".😂  Unfortunately, the campaign has ended, but I am extremely happy because she reached her goal! 

I got the hoodie in the size medium, and it's the perfect fit for my body - not too tight, not too loose! It's comfortable, it's long enough to cover my butt when I pair it with leggings, IT HAS POCKETS, and the design is Claire's hands, illustrated by Claire herself! 

I wore it with my comfy grey leggings, and my comfiest shoes, my Adidas NMDs. Just call this outfit the comfiest outfit of all time!

W H A T    I    W O R E :


What's your go-to comfortable outfit? Let me know!

Photos taken by Jorge Suarez, edited by moi