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Anolaima | Colombia

Corinth Explores Anolaima

Anolaima is a little town in Colombia, located 71 km. West from Bogotá (yes, I Googled that haha). This is where Jorge's grandmother lives, and we paid her a visit days before we had to leave for the US.

The drive from Bogotá is approximately two hours, but I can't remember how long it actually took us to get to her place since a lot of the roads were bumpy. The car we used to get there had to slow down a bunch of times because the roads had huge holes in them, and to be honest, it felt like I was back in the Philippines going on a road trip to some close by province! But despite the bumpy ride, the views were amazing! It was foggy and we were able to see mountains from far away peek through. The roads zigzagged, which again, reminded me of the Philippines (Baguio), and they were lined with beautiful trees! If only we were able to stop for photos, we would have. We also saw a number of farms and farm animals like cows during our drive, and I was so amazed because it was my first time to see a black and white cow! HAHA.

Colombia reminds me so much of home, and this part of the country was no exception. Down to the styles of the houses, the street stores, the basketball court, the jeepneys, and to their way of living, all of it was a really nice slice of home. Hope you enjoy looking through my iPhone shots below.

After our quick walk to town, we spent time together by eating so much food, drinking "refajo", and dancing to Colombian/Spanish music. One thing I've learned from my trip to Colombia about Colombians is that they love to dance!

Of course, Jorge's grandma had photos of the whole family in her house, so naturally, I took some shots of my favorite ones of Jorge! 

Is there a memorable place you visited last year? What are some things you've learned about that place? Is there a dream location you would want to see this year? Let me know below!