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Corinth Explores Columbus ⏤ DAY TWO

Okay, I'll admit it. I've been slacking off on blogging and I'm so sorry! I should have had this post up months ago, but life happens you know? Well, it's up now, and I really want to finish what I started so here we go. This is day two of my Columbus adventure!

WARNING: Lots of photos ahead since day 2 was when we had a really full schedule for exploring!

I made sure that Jorge and I had an early start because I had planned to see so many places for our first full day (day two) in Columbus. After I made my face, Jorge and I made our way to the hotel's dining area and filled our bellies up with breakfast food! 


After breakfast, the plan was to explore the Short North district. To learn more about Short North, refer to this blog post I wrote months ago. I really enjoyed exploring Short North because it is Cbus' art district. Jorge and I hunted wall murals and that was a really nice way to explore that area. It's also the best place to eat, drink and party if you are a tourist like we were! They also have some local shops and cafes in the area that are worth visiting, but since Jorge and I were pressed for time, we weren't able to really see every corner of that whole strip.

⏤ Winans Chocolates and Coffee ⏤

Naturally, I craved for coffee, so we went to see this cute coffee and chocolate place in German Village. Really loved the interior design of the cafe and we were able to try out a few of their truffles! The one that I liked the most is their salted caramels. The coffee was pretty decent too, and the barista was very friendly and accommodating. Will definitely revisit them if Jorge and I end up in Cbus again.

While we were there, it started raining so hard that we had to wait for it to let up because we parked kind of far from the cafe. We didn't want to get wet! It was a really nice time for rest after all of the walking we did at Short North.

⏤ Columbus Park of Roses ⏤

After the rain, Jorge and I drove to the Park of Roses. To see the complete photoset from that place, see this post. To be honest, we were a little disappointed when we got there, because the roses were not in season! But we still made the best out of it! When Jorge and I pulled up to the parking lot, we saw a bunch of vintage cars parked outside of the park. It was pretty cool and it made me wish I owned one, a red shiny beetle to be exact! Jorge and I just took that time to relax, inhale the smell of wet soil, and listen to natural sounds. 


It was finally time for us to have dinner, and we found a sushi place close to the park. We had a good meal and we were surprised that it didn't come out too expensive! We didn't stuff ourselves like pigs, which was good because we wanted to leave room for dessert. 

⏤ The Hospital Parking Lot ⏤

Jorge and I wanted a photo of Columbus' skyline before the sun completely set, and after a few Google searches, we discovered that the parking lot of the Nationwide Children's Hospital was one of the best spots. Of course, I was scared to stand by the edge of the parking lot's 5th floor, so I asked Jorge to take photos and videos for me. My fear of heights is so extreme that I couldn't even look at Jorge while he was taking photos, because all I could imagine was him dropping the camera or worse, him falling over! 😭

⏤ Easton Town Center & Jeni's ⏤

The final stop in our intinerary that day was Easton Town Center. It was 20 minutes away from the city center but the drive was totally worth it. ETC is a great place for families to spend a weekend at. While we were there, Jorge and I decided to try out Jeni's Splendid Ice Creams which is a famous ice cream store in Cbus, and it didn't disappoint. I forgot what I ordered but it was good! 

After we took pictures of the fountain, we decided to drive back to Short North to check how it looks like at night. I believe it was a Saturday night, and you guys, Short North was lit. It's definitely the place locals go to wash off their week. Jorge and I just literally drove through the street to take pictures, hehe.