Corinth's Room

One of my wishes in life, the longest one actually, was to have my own room, ever since I was little! We never really had lots of money while growing up and I have three sisters so we always shared a room or a bed. But now that we finally have our own place, I get my own room, and also because I’m the eldest.

I got the smallest bedroom in the house but I think it’s the perfect size for me! The walls are painted a soft blue which I don’t really like but it’ll do. But of course, THE PINK in my room is overpowering which makes me so happy! My eyes have stars all the time!

Since my room is very small, I made sure to save space the best way I can. I bought this loft bed and I just thought it’s the perfect bed for me for this room. I’ll furnish my little office space under my bed even more once I have the money to buy a real desk and a chair. For now, I used a box and flipped it upside down and then covered it with an extra blanket. I also kept things inside the box that way, my room would look clutter free. I bought this 40-pair shoe rack and I can really say I got my money’s worth. I am able to organize my shoes in that little corner without the rack being an eyesore. Also, it would be easier for me to really decide on the shoes I’ll wear that day since they’re all laid out neatly in front of me (or would it be HARDER? ayayay!). I’ll keep filling my room with pictures and inspiration to always keep my mood happy. That’s what’s really important for me right now. Being in the state of happiness and right now, I really am happy.

So far, this is how my room looks like. it’s not pink enough!!

I hope you had a great Monday. I know I did. <3