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what i wore | Cozy + Lazy

I had a pretty nice day today: I woke up at 11:30AM, had brunch at 12:30PM, finished my chores by 3PM, fed my niece while watching bits of Hotel Transylvania (because I was on my computer too) and pretty much relaxed, until my sister asked Jorge and I if we could pick her up from work. We gladly obliged, so of course, I had to dress up. 

It was a "lazy" errand, so it wasn't too hard to pick an outfit!

  • Cozy sweater thrifted
  • Black thermal leggings Joe fresh (Superstore)
  • Brown boots JustFab
  • Beanie gifted

We ended up doing a bit of grocery shopping to buy greens for our Sinigang dinner so I'm glad I put on decent clothes. That turned out so good by the way!! It was my sister's best pot of Sinigang ever. Jorge and I both had two servings! <3

When we got home, I asked Jorge to take phhhotos and pictures of me. It's -3ºC right now so it was quite chilly when I was awkwardly modeling for this post earlier. Haha.

What's your cozy + lazy combo? Are you a comfy dresser like me? The only time I allow myself to dress uncomfortably is on special nights/events. Weird but that's the truth. How about you? 

XX Corinth