December Favorites

I cannot believe I was able to do this Monthly Favorites thing consistently throughout 2016! I'm pretty happy about that! I have a bunch to talk to you about so let's just jump right in, shall we?

December Favorites 2016


It's not surprising to me that I only have two products to share under this category. Call it being lazy, but because my brushes weren't clean, and I didn't really make an effort to actually wash them, I barely wore any makeup last month! 😂  But I did make it a point to keep my skin clean!

I didn't really change anything in my night time skin care routine, but I did however, start using La Mer's Creme De La Mer as my night cream. This product is very pricey, but I swear by it! First of all, it smells amazing! I've never used a night cream as fragrant as this one, and it legit makes me feel like a queen every time I use it! It's the last step in my night time routine, and I love how soft and rejuvenated my skin feels in the morning! I do not recommend it for morning use though, since the cream is very thick and it may feel a little too heavy as a morning moisturizer.

KL Polish has changed the nail polish game for me, and it might even be the best nail polish I've ever tried in my entire life! I'm so proud and happy for Kathleenlights when she announced that she started her own brand/ line of nail polish! Of course, being the Kathleen supporter that I am, I pre-ordered some of her nail polishes. I got 4 shades, but the one that I used in the month of December was the shade Brick Sidewalk which is a very rich, brick red color. It's such a cliché color for Christmas but I didn't care! ❤️  The formula is amazing! It's so smooth and creamy and it dries pretty fast and shiny! It didn't chip easily, and even having it on for over a week, my nails still looked pretty nice (see photo above)! My most favorite thing about this nail polish is the brush. The brush is thick and kind of flat, making the application so much easier! I will be doing a more in-depth review on the polishes soon so stay tuned for that!


Thanks to Cyber Week, I was able to get a few new pieces to add to my wardrobe. Maybe it's because of the holiday season, but this past month, I was SO into red and burgundy shades! I got a cardigan and a coat from Charlotte Russe, both in burgundy colors! 😂  I don't know why I did that, and I kind of regret NOT picking out a different shade for one of them, but what's done is done! You might have seen them in some of my Instagram posts already and I do love them both, but this funnel collar wool coat is my fave out of the two. 

I also loved two pairs of shoes in the month of December! The first pair is my first over-the-knee boots from JustFab. I love how perfect the heel size is for comfortable walking! It just adds a really sophisticated touch to any outfit (see outfit below)! And again, thanks to cyber week, I finally got my first pair of UGG boots! It was not, by any means, on sale, but because it was "cyber week" and everyone was inclined to spend money, I took the plunge! Also, Jorge wanted me to get them real ones, instead of the $10 ones from a different store. HAHA! I got the Classic II, which are the water and stain resistant ones.

For accessories, I definitely have to mention my Instagram collaborations!

First will have to be my Daniel Wellington pair! Ever since they came out with their Classic Black collection, I really wanted to own one, so I sent them an e-mail asking whether they wanted to partner with me for a collab! I was so surprised when they said yes, and now here we are! Not only did they send me the watch I wanted, they also sent me a matching cuff of my preference! Of course, I chose rose gold finishes for both! If you order a watch with a matching cuff, you get 10% off your order. BUT WAIT, THERE'S MORE! If you use my code "CORINTH", you will get an additional 15% off discount!

My second arm candy fave is my Matters watch. It's a timeless watch, literally, because it doesn't tell time.😅  But I love what it stands for. Having it on my wrist is a great reminder to focus on what matters NOW. In the back of the watch, you're able to write down whatever matters to you. So far, I've written "family" and "community". How about you? What matters to you? 

Last mention, but definitely not least is my dainty Ettika initial bracelet. I love how it looks paired up with my DW combo. Of course, I got the initial "C" for my name, and I'm actually thinking of getting the matching initial necklace! Ettika specializes in dainty and bohemian pieces so if you're into that style, be sure to check them out!

Last month, Ascend Apparel released beanies, and of course, I bought one. And guess what color I got? BURGUNDY! 😂 I love it so much because the quality is great. The material is thick, and it actually keeps my head and ears warm. They're $15 each! If you want one, let me know and I can arrange something for you! 

⏤ MISC. ⏤

In December, my sister put out a vlog of my niece Heather showcasing what she's learned in school! It was such a proud tita moment for me and it made me wish I was still in Whitehorse so I get to see her progress! If you want to see Heather read, write, and be silly, watch the video below:

But it doesn't stop there! One day, I laughed so hard while watching a particular Snapchat of Heather! Jorge and I found it so funny that I told my sister to upload it because the whole world deserves to see it! HAHA. According to my sister, they were browsing filters on Snapchat, and when they came across the "angel filter", Heather started acting like she was Angel Gabriel, and well, watch the video... This video was definitely a highlight of my December. 

Last month, I went on a romance anime binge-watching spree and here are my faves:

What should I watch next? Please leave suggestions below! I am hooked on these shows! HAHA.

Jae of Gorjaeous sent me a set of Tombow Dual brush pens for Christmas, and it has definitely upped my BuJo game! I love the muted colors of the set she gave me. Again, thank you so much Jae! <3 Now, I just need to practice my lettering ~*sKiLLzz*~

I learned to play The Settlers Of Catan board game last month and I am hooked! It's so much fun, and if you guys don't know what that game is, it's time for you to learn! Jorge and I, and our friends started a Catan tournament and so far, I have 1 point! Whoever gets 3 points first wins! <3

And finally, my iPhone 7 plus. Just look at it! It's so gorgeous! I have really been enjoying the portrait mode, and a few of you have already asked me about the camera, since I've been posting so much of the "depth effect" on my Instagram stories!:) 

What were your favorites in the month of December?