Where To Eat in Miami - #ExploreMiami Part 1

We've been living in Miami for about a couple of months now, and I'm a little ashamed to admit this: we have eaten out A BUNCH!

Not sure how much money we’ve spent on food in the past couple months, but I’m pretty sure it was A LOT. But hey, we’re still in slight “vacation mode” and I honestly don’t know when it’s going to stop feeling that way, but with that said, we have tried so many restaurants, so many types of different food that I think it was time for me to write a round-up of restaurants, coffee shops, and dessert spots to check out in Miami. I also shared some recommendations on what to order so you can skip guessing on what’s good.

I didn’t include ALL the places we visited. I’m only sharing places I recommend. I hope that you find this post helpful!

Where To Eat in Miami - #ExploreMiami Part 1
Where To Eat in Miami - #ExploreMiami Part 1
Where To Eat in Miami - #ExploreMiami Part 1
Where To Eat in Miami - #ExploreMiami Part 1


  • The Taco Stand (mexican)

    Main: California Burrito (thank me later), Chicken Quesadilla, Carne Asada Fries

  • Sagrado Cafe (brunch, dessert)

    Appies: Cheese Bread
    Main: Madame B, ask for their special and if it’s the Beef something, get that because it’s bomb!

  • Latin Cafe 2000 (cuban)

    Appies: Croquetas,
    Main: Cuban Eggs Benedict (weekends only), Chicken Linguine (BOMB), Carne Asada (a special on Fridays)
    Dessert: Flan, Chocolate Chip Cheesecake, Churros Con Dulce De Leche

  • Stanzione 87 (italian pizza)

    Appies: Foccacia
    Main: Margherita Pizza, Carbonara Pizza
    Dessert: Tiramisu

  • Piola (italian pizza)

    Main: Carbonara Pizza (ask for white sauce), Honolulu

  • Ooh Raw! (acai & poke bowls)

    Main: Michael’s Apartment Bowl + Filet Mignon Steak, Acai Bowl (I forgot which one we ordered but anything would be amazing!)
    TIP: sit outside if it’s not too hot because it can get pretty smoky inside, and you’ll smell like food.

  • B Bistro + Bakery (bread, brunch, lunch)

    Appies: Soup of the Day (the one we had was amazing)
    Main: Mexican Avocado Toast, Salmon Burger, I ordered a sandwich the first time we went but I can’t remember what it was!!!
    Dessert: Charcoal Croissant, Coffee

  • Tacology (mexican)

    Appies: Mexican Nachos
    Main: Tacos (Cochinita, Al Pastor)

  • El Patio 305 (colombian & latin cuisine)

    Appies: Empanadas, Chicharron
    Sancocho Especial de Costilla de Res (soup), Bistec a la Colombiana (amazing!!), Bandeja Paisa (classic),
    Mango en Leche

  • Sazon (cuban)

    Appies: Croquetas
    Main: Sandwich Cubano

  • Suviche (peruvian + asian fusion)

    Main: Suviche Ceviche, Happy Hour Sushi

Where To Eat in Miami - #ExploreMiami Part 1
Where To Eat in Miami - #ExploreMiami Part 1
Where To Eat in Miami - #ExploreMiami Part 1
Where To Eat in Miami - #ExploreMiami Part 1


  • D Bakers (pastries, cakes, coffee) - Love their Nutella, Blueberry, and Raspberry cheesecakes, Ferrero Cream Puff

  • Dasher and Crank (ice cream) - They offer unique flavors. I had Ube Macapuno and Strawberry Cream Guava flavors.

  • Nabati (vegan & plastic-free ice cream shop) - Extremely unique flavors! Tasted a rose-flavored one and loved it! Try their Mango.

  • Cielito Artisan Pops (paletas/mexican popsicles) - You cannot go wrong with whatever flavor you pick

  • Morelia (paletas/mexican popsicles) - Particlarly enjoyed their Strawberry Yogurt paleta

  • Giache Crepes (crepes & coffee / plastic-free) - Tiramisu Crepe (they’re huge!)

  • Freddo - (ice cream, pastries, coffee) Try their Dulce De Leche Cappuccino and their mini Brownie with Dulce De Leche special

  • OMG Brigadeiros (pastries, chocolate, coffee) - This is sugar heaven! You’ll love their unique take on coffees, and their dessert manu is definitely for sweet-tooths!

  • Taiyaki NYC (ice cream) - Love their red bean “cone”, also looks really cute for Instagram

  • Bianco (gelato) - Organic gelato place with a lot of vegan and low-sugar options. A place to bring kids because they have a playroom in the back!

  • HONORABLE MENTION: Dior Cafe - Try their pastries and ask for their famous one

Where To Eat in Miami - #ExploreMiami Part 1
Where To Eat in Miami - #ExploreMiami Part 1


  • Panther Coffee - I love their iced mocha. One of the best coffee spots in town.

  • Pasion Del Cielo - What’s nice about this coffee shop is that you can choose your own coffee beans, making each drink personalized to your liking!

  • Selina Brawlers - One of the best mochas I’ve had in Miami

  • Juan Valdez Coffee - The Dulce de Leche frappuccino is to die for!

  • Joe & The Juice - I got an iced mocha and loved it!



So there you have it! These are all the places I can recommend to you right now and I hope that you found this post helpful!

What Miami round-up would you like to see next? Let me know below!

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