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Fall-ing For Denim

Denim is such a staple piece to anyone's closet that it will never get old! I've got so many denim pieces in my closet that I probably should stop getting more of them, but when I saw this white denim jacket on the Shein website, I couldn't say no! 

I mean, look at it! How can you pass this up? Since fall is almost upon us, I'm trying to stock up on some more outerwear, and denim is definitely on top of my list!

This one's a very light denim material, and it is distressed in random areas and I love the frayed hems so much! But the detail that sold me on this jacket are the patches on the breast area and the back! I don't even know what's written on them, but the back looks like a newspaper print type patch, and I am absolutely obsessed with it! The day I wore this to church, I got a lot of questions and compliments on it! It's definitely a conversation starter because of how edgy and unique it looks! 

The only con about this jacket is that it only comes in one size, but it's pretty oversized so I know it's going to fit a lot of body types.


when you see a Bentley parked in your apartment's garage, you take photos in front of it...



I will also be linking a few more denim pieces that I am crushing on! Like I said in the beginning, I love denim for the fall, so please feel free to browse around. As always, everything will be very affordable!


I am so excited for fall! What are your go-to autumn pieces?

DISCLAIMER: The jacked was provided by Shein. Photos were taken by Jorge Suarez.