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Farewell Canada

If you're following me on Instagram and Snapchat then you already know that I am finally living in the land of the free. Yes you read that right. I am no longer freezing my butt off in the Yukon! I am now living in the USA! It was hard to leave my sisters in Canada, but I think it was time for me to begin life with Jorge.

Whitehorse city and Grey Mountain | by  Jorge Suarez

Whitehorse city and Grey Mountain | by Jorge Suarez

Before Jorge and I got married, we decided that Whitehorse is where we were going to settle down because it was easy to earn good money there and the health benefits were great. People choose to live in Whitehorse because of the benefits they get from the government. Imagine receiving child care support money for your children (for each and every one of your kids!). Imagine getting a year of PAID maternity leave. Imagine receiving a check quarterly from your GST credit. Are you a single mom and you need help with buying your child soccer gear? The government can help you with that too. Yes, it all sounds so promising but Whitehorse just never felt like home to me, even though I lived there for 3 years and 7 months. There even came a point when I started to feel depressed. We didn't feel happy.

We tried our best to want to live there. We always drove around and searched for new places to see, took tons of photos of crazy-amazing landscapes and ate food like there was no tomorrow; those were the things that made us happy there. It was good, we were coping, until this one incident happened and then we saw the silver lining. What if we weren't really meant to live in Whitehorse? What if that incident was God's way of telling us to leave and start a new life? Then it all started to make sense to us. We saw the light at the end of our tunnel and I'm so glad to say that a year later, Jorge and I are finally basking in that light.

by Jorge Suarez

In November 2014, Jorge and I decided to start working on my immigrant visa. Since Jorge wasn't allowed to work in Canada because he was staying with me under the visitor's visa, he had all the time to research on the steps we had to take. He read every article and forum there was for our case and then eventually, he started working on the application. In the process, I was able to travel to Vancouver (to renew my passport) and Montreal (blog posts coming soon, I promise!), and eventually to the United States, all in the same year! Because Jorge fully understood what we had to do for my papers, the process went by really fast and really smooth. The only bump we encountered was my expired passport, which delayed the process by two months. On November 10, 2015, I kissed my family goodbye and flew to the states.

I traveled for 24 hours but all the waiting and the lack of sleep was nothing compared to finally being with my husband again! If you guys follow my Snapchat (CORINTHSUAREZ) and Jorge's Snapchat (JORGESUAREZ) then you would have seen how my trip went and all the shenanigans I did while traveling 3,500 miles!

Almost two weeks after my arrival in the States, I am now settled in. I also already received my Social Security Number in the mail and that means I am all set to work if I wanted to! Jorge and I have also unpacked all our luggages and all our things are now in order. Jorge and I's room is still a work in progress but I really love how it looks right now. I've also met some of Jorge's friends and church-mates and they've all been so nice to me!

A few FIRSTS upon arriving the US:

  1. IHOP - You guys know how much I love breakfast food! 
  2. Chipotle - Yo! The hype is forreal and it's worth it!
  3. Seeing Jorge play the drums at church. He's really good at it too! 😍
  4. Went to church. Yes folks. I haven't been to church for over a year because the churches in Whitehorse didn't do it for me. I'm glad I have a church to attend to now. 
  5. Bought my first NYX products! 
  6. Went to a business conference.
  7. Met a lot of people.
  8. Got to see the Montgomery County area and D.C. briefly. 
  9. Met Jorge's step-dad, step-brother, and the dogs!
  10. Celebrated Erica's birthday. Erica is Jorge's half-sister. 

American Thanksgiving is just around the corner and you and I both know how grateful I am for a lot of things. It's crazy how in less than 5 years, so many big things happened in my life. Moving to Canada was one thing, then getting married? Woah! Then moving again, to the US? Wow! I owe all of that to God! 

So God, now that Jorge and I are finally in the U.S. together, what now? 😄

Photos by Julian Suarez