February Favorites

February is probably going to be one of my favorite months of 2016! I got to travel to a foreign country and I got burnt! 😂

- Cosmetics, Bath and that random pair of Eyeglasses -

  • NYX Shine Killer - I've been wanting to get this primer every since I bought the Pore Filler one. Although it's not a mattifying primer, I find that this helps keep my face oils at bay, especially when I'm wearing a crap ton of makeup. It still does make my face a little oily throughout the day, but it's not as crazy as before. If you are on the lookout for an affordable primer, give this one a try!
  • ColourPop Super Shock Cheek in Fox -  This was my go-to blush in the month of February! I love it even more now that I am darker! It gives this very nice and natural flush to the face and it stays on my cheeks for such a long time! This has a satin finish so it kind of gives a nice sheen to the cheeks. 
  • ELF Small Stipple Brush - This is what I use to apply my ColourPop blush! This just distributes the pigment so beautifully on my cheeks. It is made with synthetic bristles so it's perfect to use for any ColourPop face product! 
  • Loreal Privee Collection in Julianne - I've included this nail polish in one of my monthly favorites a long time ago, but I used it again last month and I just couldn't NOT include it in this month's faves. I apply nail polish on my nails when I don't feel like cleaning them and when they start to look so bad and dirty. Who else does that? HAHA. Anyway, before flying to Colombia, I knew that we were going to stay by the beach for a few days, so I made sure to paint my toe nails for them nice videos and photographs. 😂 I just fell in love with this color all over again and I love the formula of this nail polish too! It's so creamy and you can almost get away with just applying a single swipe! It's just so good! I posted my toes on my Snapchat and my sister was like: OMG I NEED THAT and now that she has it, she's completely obsessed with it like I do! HAHA.
  • Bath & Body Works Shower Gel - This is the Perfect Autumn Day one with Shea & Vitamin E and this was a gift from my good friend Jaicel! If you guys know me, you know how much I love Shea! Anything Shea, I love to use on my body so when I got this, I was really excited! This is the body wash I took to Colombia and everyone who used it said that it smells so good! I can't find it in the website because I believe this comes out in the fall season! :)

    Key notes: Bartlett Pear, Crisp Autumn Air, Maple Toffee, Amber Woods, Fig Leaf

    In other words, it smells amazing!
  • My Eyeglasses - Jorge and his family helped me get an eye exam to put an end to my random headaches. Although the doctor said that I didn't really need glasses because my eyesight wasn't "that bad", I'm glad Jorge got me a pair. It's not the best, but it works and it's cheap! Now, I can read stuff better, and I won't have to overwork my brain just to make sense of words I'm trying to read. 🤓

- Apparel -

  • Old Navy Checkered Tunic - Before going to Colombia, we went to the outlet store in Virginia to get some pasalubong for Jorge's family. Jorge also bought me a few things, and this top is one of them! The moment I saw this, I knew I had to have it! I already envisioned myself wearing it by the beach and I saw in my head that it would look so beautiful! I believe this was more or less around $15. Can't find it in the Old Navy website.
  • Old Navy Patterned Jumpsuit - This jumpsuit just looked so elegant and Jorge really liked how this looked on me so we had to pick it up. It has a very nice cut that hugs my body nicely without it feeling too tight. It has a belt string around the waist to help give the body a better silhouette, and it just falls down to my ankles nicely. I believe this was under $15. Can't find it in the Old Navy website.
  • Women's Lace Detail Kimono Dress Coverup - I used it almost everyday when we were in San Andres and I just love it! Got it from Target for $20


I love how energetic Colombian music is. Every time they played music when we were in Colombia, I always felt the urge to dance! HAHA. I'm not kidding! I love Colombian music and there were a few times that we just danced around the house! I loved it! :) Fell in love with J Balvin's music, this little playlist specifically:
p.s.: i'm listening to Ay Vamos as I'm typing this and I'm swaying on my chair. haha

And you guys should take a listen to Hillsong Young & Free's new album! It's just amazing!!! Jorge and I have been singing along to this album almost everyday! 😍

- ETC -

  • Snapchat's Face Swap filter, and THIS! 😂
  • Our entire Colombia trip! First of all, it was really nice that Filipinos can enter Colombia without a visa, and it reminded me so much of home! I just think the Philippines offer better food. HAHA. Although we didn't have data while we there, I tried my best to update my Instagram with lots of photos. My Colombia trip is filed under the hashtag #CorinthGoesToColombia. Expect a few blog posts and a couple vlogs from my 12-day stay there! :)
  • The Walking Dead's Valentine's Day episode was hands down one of the best they've ever produced! JUST WOW! Season 6 Episode 9, get on it!
  • I'm really excited about all the freebies I've been getting! I have no idea how these brands found me, but they did and I'm so excited to write about the products I've been receiving!!! Watch out for product reviews on my blog and my channel! 

So that's all of my favorites in the month of February! What were yours? Did you listen to my favorite music? What do you think of J Balvin? I love Ay Vamos. I know I can't understand it but it's just like K-Pop haha.