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EXPLORE WITH CORINTH: So, this is how our fall ended: *

SO, This is how our fall ended: *

Whitehorse has been experiencing really chilly temperatures for a few weeks now but we didn't really expect our Autumn to be ending so soon! Yesterday was nice and still fall-y, today it snowed LOTS and of course, I took pictures! 

Today was the first snowfall of the year and it snowed for almost the whole day and we're talking about 10-15 centimetres of it! The roads were wet and slippery, brown and ugly but the trees beamed sparkling whites and yellows. It was beautiful. If only it didn't get too cold in Whitehorse, I won't think twice about living here. But we get -40 degrees weather and that's really painful! In the meantime, I'll enjoy these not-so-cold winter days and daydream about santa and Christmas! <3