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Friday's 10 Happy Things | 01

HAPPY MAY 1st! I can't believe the first quarter of this year is over! This year is going by so fast! But I like May because it's a month of celebrations! So excited for my sister's birthday, Mother's Day, my mother's birthday, and my engagement anniversary slash my birthday!

Anyway, this blog post isn't anything about all those! This is all about happiness on a FRIDAY! #TGIF There's finally a blog link-up I can do on a Friday! Yey. Thanks Helga! Join her blog link-up here! So basically, it's the day when we can finally list down ten things that made us happy that week! Very self-explanatory.

Here are the ten that made my dimples show up...

  1. The fact that I finally have the Too Faced Chocolate Bar Eye Palette makes me very happy.
  2. When Jorge makes me dinner. <3
  3. Our new room's setup. It's more spacious! Jorge still needs to adjust to the bed's new setup though so he can stop pinning me against our cold wall. Haha!
  4. Pay day! Then I feel #sed because bills. :(
  5. KathleenLights and her awesome personality. I can just watch her videos all day. And re-watch them too. <3 She inspires me to really get my YouTube grind on but I'm a boring human being, so yeah, no.
  6. The warm weather! I can finally say: "ANG INIT!"
  7. Thinking about writing about my Vancouver trip excites me.  
  8. The feeling of Better Than Sex in my hands. It feels luxurious. I have mixed feelings about the mascara itself though.
  9. Having a two-day weekend. <3
  10. Writing blog posts.

Make sure to join in on this Friday fun and send your blog link to Helga! Happy Friday!