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Friday's 10 Happy Things | 03

What?! It's Friday already?!

  1. So happy that I get a long weekend! It's usually me who works on a Saturday long-weekend, but not this week! Yey!
  2. It's finally really hot enough to wear my summer romper and dresses. Again, happy for the long weekend because it's only then that I am able to wear my cute clothes!
  3. Heather and her short hair. We have the same haircut now. She's so cute!
  4. Starbucks' new S'mores Frap. I'm addicted to it! 
  5. Naps. Naps feel so good! <3 I sometimes fall asleep at around 6/7pm and I wake up at 11pm/12am.
  6. When my sister cleans up the kitchen and washes their dishes. This is a rare occasion. -_-
  7. Jenna Marbles' troll videos
  8. I finally found what I've been trying to remember for weeks! I want to make my own Media Kit but I'm not artsy and I'm too poor to buy Kisty's media kit template. :(
  9. When Jorge let me rest for three days after our painful workout last Monday. I don't understand how working out is a stress reliever. It stresses me out thinking about me working out. What's wrong with you people? I'm talking to you Jorge and Micah (my sister). Haha.
  10. My new Rimmel bronzer is LOVE, and it's cheap! 

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