Friday's 10 Happy Things | 05

Yey! It's Friday! Actually, it's happy ALMOST Friday to me because I post these Happy Things posts on a Thursday, because majority of my readers, that's you, live in the Philippines. :)

  1. Jorge and I got a new french press! That means, we can always have this amazing dessert combo: President's Choice The Decadent Chocolate Chunk Cookie + Bean North's Bean Caribou coffee <3 <3
  2. Being out in nature with my husband, and discovering new places here in Whitehorse. MORE PHOTOSHOOT locations! YAS!
  3. Jorge and I went for an outfit shoot at Long Lake and the photos came out really nice. I'm excited to share them with you.
  4. I like it when my readers interact with me! You gals know who you are!
  5. Thanks for the feedback about my 25 Things About Me post. I'm glad you guys enjoyed reading it. 
  6. The Real Techniques Complexion Sponge! I found a technique on how I can lessen my under-eye creasing! Thanks to this sponge!
  7. I know this sounds so lame, but it makes me happy when my Instagram photos reach 300 likes and above. HAHA. #realtalk
  8. There's a website that reached out to me and wants to interview me for their site! Yey for exposure opportunities!
  9. Camie's snapchats. I'm a lurker like det. 
  10. Finding out that MAC Cosmetics ships to Canada! I tried to put items in my cart and it came out to 100 dollars with only 4 items in it! FREAKING EXPENSIVE! But MAC. Huhu.

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