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Friday's 10 Happy Things | 06

We have a new boy in the family!

  1. My sister finally gave birth this past Sunday, June 7th and oh my gosh, baby Hunter is the most precious thing in my life right now! He is the cutest little baby and I LOVE HIM SO MUCH! I feel more affectionate and loving to him compared to how I was when Heather was born three years ago. Maybe I'm more mature now. HAHA. If you follow my snaps, you've already seen him! Follow me on SNAPCHAT yo! (at)corinthsuarez.
  2. WE HAVE SO MUCH KOKO KRUNCH AND COCO POPS AND FOOD FROM THE PHILIPPINES! Probably won't even last a month, to be honest. 
  3. I got featured! Hello new Filipino Instagram followers!
  4. Everyone is talking about FRIENDS, so I started watching it, FINALLY! I'm so tired of NOT being in the know, you know?
  5. Linda, our dishwasher at work, made me a cup of ginger lemon tea this past Tuesday. I was still feeling sick when I came in to work that day, even though I had already took the Monday off to "rest" HAHA, and it was just really sweet of her to do that for me. It immediately made me feel better! 
  6. When Hannah, my sister, was in the hospital because Hunter just came out of her, Heather was left with me and Jorge and I really liked it when she called me "mom".
  7. My Colourpop mini haul finally arrived and I AM LOVING my Where The Light Is Quad, created by KathleenLights, my fave! I will be doing a makeup look on the products I bought soon so watch out for that! My sister Hannah actually bought the eyeshadow quad as a birthday present! Thanks sis if you are reading this!
  8. Jorge and I now have the VSCO Film pack 07 for Lightroom 5! Yey!
  9. Seeing my blog in other bloggers' "BLOGGERS LIST" makes me really happy! <3
  10. Shawn and Ellie's VLOGS! Follow them and their adventures!


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