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Friday's 10 Happy Things | 07


I am eating Chicken Curry as I post this and my Carrot App is very disappointed with me. :(

  1. I am finally liking RUNNING as my cardio. I look forward to it now. It still is painful but I've been challenging myself. And I've noticed, it gets easier after every run.
  2. My CARROT apps! She's the most hilarious app I've ever come across with. She is my 7-minute workout coach, she is my weather app, and she is my calorie counter. LOVE HER even though she's evil!
  3. My sister made Nutella Oreo No Bake Cheesecake and OMG! It was SOOOO freaking good!
  4. Morning shifts make me happy now. I get to do more things after I get off work, like today I feel so accomplished and it's just 10:27PM as I am typing this!
  5. My BH Cosmetics eye brushes. HUHU. They're so fluffy, I'm gonna die!!!
  6. Jorge makes the best burger in town! <3
  7. My story with BROWSEKNOTS is finally published on their website! Read the interview I did with them here: Her Story: Corinth Suarez
  8. Movie date nights with my sisters. We recently watched Inside Out in the theatre. It's really nice to go out once in a while. Panalo si Bing Bong.
  9. KathleenLights' little niece Sophia's makeup video. SO ADORBZ!
  10. Hunter's moaning sounds while feeding. ARGH! KAGIGIL!!

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