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Friday's 10 Happy Things | 09


I want to buy throw pillows from my own Society6 store so I can leave something of me here with my sisters, but really, I just want to see if it's actually worth buying. HAHA.

  1. When I deposited my paycheque through my bank's app last Wednesday, I saw that my hourly rate was raised by one dollar! THANK YOU BOSS!!! <3 That's more or less $160 more per month! YEY!
  2. A regular customer ( I call her Double Cappuccino own cup), randomly told me that she found it interesting that the taste of our espresso drinks vary depending on the barista. She then told me that she likes the drinks I make. <3 It means that my cappuccinos are the bomb! 
  3. Super happy with my recent JustFab purchases. You've probably seen them already if you follow me on Snapchat! (👻corinthsuarez)
  4. Heather washed her mom's makeup brushes because she wanted to get the "diamonds" in my Swirl & Sparkle makeup brush cleaner! She's so cute!!! 
  5. Jorge and I have been walking A LOT lately since my brother-in-law has gone back to work and he uses their van. I like that we get to spend time together, talking, while also burning calories without hurting. HAHA. 
  6. My sister Micah has finally decided to join me at my work! I will be training her next week! 
  7. Jorge and I are finally re-watching episodes of Breaking Bad, but this time, with my sister Micah! We're already on Season 3 and SHE'S HOOKED! OMG, I love that show so much you guys! WATCH IT!!!!!
  8. I finally bought some ColourPop Ultra Matte Lips and I CANNOT WAIT FOR MY BOX TO ARRIVE! They recently just released new shades for those who are not afraid to play with color! Check them out! I just wish they're able to ship worldwide already! WHAT'S TAKING SO LONG COLOURPOP?!
  9. USA is feeling closer and closer each week! 
  10. Jorge and I have a possible photography/videography gig in two weeks! I hope it pushes through because that will really help us a lot for my (yet again) travel expenses in the coming months.  

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