Friday's 10 Happy Things | 14

It has been over a month since the last time I wrote under this weekly blog series. Time to start wiggling my way back into it! :)

1. We finally have avocados in the house again! I have been making this easy avocado concoction as my bread spread for a while now and I have been obsessed with it! It has been my go-to breakfast meal and when we're out of avocados, my heart breaks a little. I don't know. The fact that we have bunch right now, (stocked up because of the snowstorm I guess), makes me super happy!

If you guys want to know how I make this Avocado Toast recipe, let me know and I will totally write about it!

Avocado toast

2. The response I got from my latest makeup video is amazing! Thank you!

3. Melody Hansen's "Because Honestly" series has been inspiring me so much lately. I'm just amazed with everything that she produces and I hope that she keeps doing what she's doing because her style of art is just beautiful and well, honest. 

Melody Hansen's Because Honestly Page

4. I finally hit 200 subscribers on YouTube! I will have to change my YouTube goal in my 2016 Goals post now. HAHA. I guess 200 subs wasn't a REAL goal. Now, I will try hard to reach 1,000 before the year ends!

5. It's snowing a lot right now. I know that most people in this area right now are scared because the snow situation here in the east coast is different from how it is in Whitehorse, but I am very happy about the snow. It's so purrty!

6. I know this is a little lame, but the pink Swiffer Duster Jorge bought me was the best pasalubong I got (so far) this week. HAHA. 

7. My sister posted a video of her and Heather trying out Japanese Snacks and it made me laugh so hard. Heather is a natural! Go watch it til the end, you won't regret it!

8. I quietly opened up my Digital Shop here on my website! I will keep adding art works slowly. I hope that you would like the stuff I will put up and it would really mean so much to me if you support me on this one as well!

Here's one example of what I have on there right now:


9. I know that this should not have made it to my Happy List but this is the kind of snow people around here experience, and it made me laugh so hard. They sped the video up and that's what made it funny. 😂

10. I was able to film two videos yesterday! I love productive days!

ColourPop Ultra Matte Lips Lip Swatches

Ditz Revolution