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Friday's 10 Happy Things | 16

Things that made me happy this week... 

1. Finally received my ColourPop shipment update! I placed my order almost a week before I received their e-mail, which is sucky!

But I understand that they're super busy right now and they're people too! If you follow them on Snapchat, you'll see that everything is handmade in their factory, down to the placing of name stickers on every Super Shock Shadow! That's crazy and very admirable! Thank you ColourPop for your hard work! 

2. I finally tried out my IT Cosmetics makeup and I loved almost everything I got. I didn't like the powder that I got too much because it caked up on my nose and it gave me flashback. Bummer. Check out my review on the products if you haven't already! (IT Cosmetics Top 5 Products

3. I discovered FREE "beauty guru" apps for iPhone (also available for Android) and I've been having so much fun playing with them! Check them out: YouCam Perfect, YouCam Makeup.

4. When Jorge tells me I look good with glasses.🤓

5. Received a PR e-mail from Elizabeth Arden! So much excite!✨

6. Phhhoto's update has made me fall in love with the app again. You can now add text to your moving pics! 

7. Suits. I'm finally caught up and OMG! What's gonna happen now?!!

8. I know this is a little TMI, a little gross, and also, not to mention, bad for my skin/pores, but a few days ago, I "cleaned out" my nose pores and OH MY GOSH, seeing all the gunk I was able to pull out from my little nose holes was so satisfying!

Gravel & Grind (in Frederick)

Gravel & Grind (in Frederick)

It had condensed milk (which reminded me of Kopi from Singapore, and cinnamon sugar on top. 💖

It had condensed milk (which reminded me of Kopi from Singapore, and cinnamon sugar on top. 💖

9. Had my first cortado experience and I loved it. I felt so ~*fancy schmancy*~

10. And yo, as I'm typing this, my ColourPop package arrived!! OH EM GEE! 😱 😭 🙌🏻  And apparently, they also included a free lippie stick (Baewatch) in my box because of the late processing and shipment!

THANK YOU COLOURPOP! 💜  It's a huge haul so expect a few ColourPop posts in the near future. 

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